DSi: Nintendo releases 10 new detail shots

Nintendo UK just mailed these over. You can see all detail of the new machine in these images, included the SD slot, larger screens, cameras, and so on.

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kewlkat0073788d ago

"Less charge time, less battery life, less weight" That's just perfect.

Gamers will be able to download games directly to the DSi's internal storage through the Nintendo DSi Shop. Seems like they are taking cue from the homebrew crowd.

The DS is like a super NES, the only platform left that caters to the 2-D games I still like to play. Especially Castlevania series and old-school JRPGs and others.

I think I'll get Chrono Trigger with this new DS...

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DJ3788d ago

The add-on just doesn't cut it. But i want to know what the pixel resolution (not to mention overall quality) is.

Vespertine3788d ago

Looks nice. At first I didn't know what was different but now I see the DS Lite has gotten a decent re-design.

I'm looking forward to this.