This is what the 2003 Witcher prototype looked (and was) like

Forget Geralt – you're about to create your own witcher. And then plough through a game that handles like a hack'n'slash, but is a Baldur's Gate clone. This is the story of The Witcher that never came.

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UCForce464d ago

Interesting to say at least.

_-EDMIX-_462d ago

I absolutely love the very first Witcher it very much reminded me of Baldur's Gate and a great way.

I hope they find a good transfer team to bring that over to PlayStation 4 and Xbox one because it is definitely a game I think a lot of people must experience.

I'm near the end of The Witcher 3 and I'm actually starting to think that I like the first Witcher better than the Third.

I know it is unrealistic that they're going to go back to the old gameplay Concept and view of the first game but I could hope lol

thekhurg462d ago

I don't think it would play well with a controller

_-EDMIX-_462d ago

@thek-I don't disagree but that's only if you're literally thinking of the game unchanged and unaltered being put on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Think Diablo 3 to console port.

I mean even think of a remaster that updates the game.

I mean it would be strange for you to really consider what I'm talking about is a literal transfer of the game like it is on PC with nothing actually changed to fit console.

frostypants462d ago

TBH, Witcher 1 was kind of forgettable. Aside from goblin-faced Geralt.

Segata462d ago

The final game is bad. They really should just remaster 2 and remake 1 for this gen. 1 is so bad. I first played it 2 years ago. Finished it. Game is rough.

Fishy Fingers462d ago (Edited 462d ago )

Or they could just continue to make NEW games?

Frankly, I discounted your opinion at 'The final game is bad'. You may not like it but I think it's universally accepted that isn't not 'bad' in any shape or form.

Grap462d ago

You had me for second.
How the f you like horizon and hate Witcher 3?

_-EDMIX-_462d ago

I love Horizon zero Dawn and I don't really care that much for The Witcher 3

it's not impossible.

When does it automatically mean you're going to love the other.

Mean I can't go as far as to say I hate The Witcher 3 but I definitely actually like it the least of The Witcher series, I would say I definitely like it better than The Witcher 2 but I actually prefer The Witcher 1 actually then both the sequels.

Story in The Witcher 3 is not only ridiculous it gets literally boring.

The actual main core story of the game literally has you just doing a bunch of runarounds ridiculously like I need to figure out where my friend time to go to dandelion in interrogate his girlfriends or man I need to find my friend I better go kill all these rats so they could tell me the next random Quest

I would say the only runoff I actually really enjoyed was the story about the Red Baron, the rest of the stories that continue that are literally boring it got to the point where I started to just ignore the other half of the game and I only really enjoyed the small individual stories about the side quest about random hauntings, like the story about the werewolf that was actually some sort of Love Triangle, those are actually the stories I really enjoy into Witcher 3 the main story is literally just awful in regards to how it was laid out.

I would have actually preferred if you just found Ciri through a series of missions that actually had to do with finding her....


I'll tell you what you need to know if you could find out who's stealing the laundry from the clothesline


I'll tell you what you need to know if you could bake this bread for me


I'll tell you what you need to know if you go and watch the races with me


I'll tell you what you need to know if you go three times over to send this message for me.

I'm sorry but as much as I like The Witcher series the way they did the story in The Witcher 3 was not only tiresome it bored me to death and I actually found the side quest the most enjoyable thing out of the entire game.

I enjoy everything that I played with Horizon zero Dawn because not only is the gameplay actually miles better than The Witcher 3 but the damn story actually focuses on the main concept of the damn game is not just sending you through a series of runarounds purposely for filler.

I seriously don't want The Witcher 4 to ever do their story that way because it was literally just tiring playing The Witcher 3.

You know how annoying it is when you want to hear the story about the main characters only to get to the quest marker and for them to start telling you irrelevant crap just to hear the rest of the story progress? To the quest marker and for them to start telling you irrelevant crap just to hear the rest of the story progress?

Ie I'll tell you what I know if you could chase the werewolves from my farm...

_-EDMIX-_462d ago

Don't get me started with the host of glitches.

Vivaldi's character was one of my favorite characters in the first game yet in the third game when I meet him again his entire face has disappeared in his arms are invisible.....

This is just ridiculous and unacceptable yet many gamers had a field day bashing Assassin's Creed over this yet many of those same Gamers seem to be very quiet about the series of glitches in The Witcher 3 that completely hurt the experience.

The Witcher 3 is not a bad game but trust me it's far from a perfect game and it doesn't hold a candle to something like Horizon zero Dawn that manages to have amazing execution through gameplay and actually having a story that is not just a series of irrelevant runarounds.

Really hope that CD projekt Red takes the criticisms about The Witcher 3 seriously cuz I really don't want cyberpunk 2077 being the same structure that The Witcher 3 was in regards to storytelling.

Be like "I'll tell you what you need to know if you could get the carburetor in this car fixed" lol

Grap462d ago (Edited 462d ago )

Maybe i didn't phrase my sentence very well.
You can't say witcher 3 is bad game when you adore horizon.
let face it horizon is very heavily influenced by the witcher 3 to at one point in the game i forgot it's not CDPR game.

Segata461d ago (Edited 461d ago )

Never played Horizon or Witcher 3. Where did you get it I played either game?

Grap461d ago (Edited 461d ago )

You didn't played The witcher 3 ? then why the f would you say it's a bad game !

Segata461d ago

I never said Witcher 3 is bad. I said WITCHER ONE as in 1 or Uno. The game from 2007. The VERY FIRST Witcher. NOT 2 NOT 3 but 1. I said it over and over. How much much clearer can I get FFS?

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_-EDMIX-_462d ago

I admit the first game is very rough has quite a few glitches but I don't know if I would go as far as to say it's a bad game.

With all the roughness and glitches aside I don't know if I could say it's a bad game.

I would definitely love a remake of the first game this generation. I actually enjoyed the gameplay of the mouse click combos more than I actually did Witcher 2 or 3.

After you get used to doing fast attacks and strong attacks and sort of timing your mouse clicks it gets really really fun I would actually put it up there with my top 10 favorite PC games of all time , but I mean so in regards to my experience of what I liked not necessarily in regards to technical execution because that game was just loaded with bugs.

@fish-I don't see this as an either or because it would actually be extremely unlikely that CD projekt Red themselves would even remaster the game or even remake the game because of the concept gameplay story and other elements they would not really even need to do such a thing in house they could just Outsource it to another team.

I definitely agree with you that The Witcher 1 is not a bad game I agree with Sega that it definitely has a lot of rough spots and by no means is it the best execution of a PC game but I believe it's definitely good enough to not be considered "bad".

ErogeMaster461d ago

Sorry man haven't played horizon but both are open world games you could have just went on with the main stories instead of complain about the oh so many side content.

cpayne93462d ago (Edited 462d ago )

The first game is rough around the edges but it does the "choices and consequences" thing better than the other two. Still one of the best wrpgs in the last decade, it's absurd to say it was bad.

Segata461d ago (Edited 461d ago )

I love the disagrees but only because these people are on the Witcher 3 bandwagon. It's pretty accepted for years the first game (Witcher 1 from 2007) isn't that good. Second one is where they got it right and like GTA III..third time was the real charm. Go play Witcher 1 after playing 2 or 3 and it's li9ek going from Street Fighter II to Street Fighter 1.

Segata461d ago

For the record my first comment is about Witcher 1.

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TheOttomatic91462d ago

Well yea the first Witcher game ran on the Neverwinter Nights engine it's no surprise of the similarities between the two.