5 'Metal Gear' questions we thought would be answered by the series' 30th birthday

Mic writes: "'Metal Gear' is turning 30, but there are still a million questions we have about the saga."

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Z501460d ago

Huge MGS fan. Don't/Didn't care about any of these unanswered questions. More interested in Decoy Octopus & Null's evolution.


Where did the love and respect Konami had for metal gear go?

Swiftfox458d ago

A trick question--Konami never really had love or respect for Metal Gear. Even going back to the original game, Konami ported it to the Nintendo without Kojima or his team's involvement leading to a rather poor product with a great deal of shoddy changes. This would set the tone for Konami's attitude toward Kojima and his titles.

GamesMaster1982458d ago

@Swiftfx are you mad Twin Snakes on the gamecube was amazing everything MGS1 should of been. MGSV on the other hand had a piss poor story that shouldnt of even been released as it was. The gameplay was great however.

FloydianAndroid458d ago

Totally agree! Great gameplay Terrible story.

Becuzisaid458d ago

I disagree on the story. I thought it was excellent. Just difficult to follow sometimes between the optional tape recordings and the disjointed mission structure.

Chaos_Order458d ago

I disagree. I thought the gameplay for MGSV was some of the weakest in the series. Mediocre level design and enemy placement and middling mission incentives. Never before in a Metal Gear game have I felt so bored...

Venox2008458d ago

Twin snakes is awesome..replayed few months back ..maybe he meant NES Metal gear games?

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FloydianAndroid458d ago

I'm gonna be honest.....I like all the metal gear games but the story makes no sense. I think the story would have been much more effective with out all the supernatural elements.

mastershredder458d ago

After 30 years...the only questions I have, are HK, do you have a fetish for little kids, Monkeys in hot pants and guys that looks like 90's grunge? Sorry, liked the games and the talent that went into them, not the F-ed up persona and ego-out of-control behind them.

TheOttomatic91458d ago

If you truly thought you were gonna get any answers from MGS from Konami you were sorely mistaken.