Clip: New Shadowrun Play

A preview of Shadowrun being played on both an XBox 360 and a PC running Vista via LIVE.

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USMChardcharger5216d ago

this is going to be a great game...i think better than what everyone first thought when they heard it was a FPS.

btw, they have said that an RPG will be made. that just because they are doing a FPS now doesn't mean a RPG is not in the works.

they also mentioned that they have a lot planned for the shadowrun universe.

sounds good too me. bring it on

JasonPC360PS3Wii5216d ago (Edited 5216d ago )

Shadowrun was a pen and paper RPG that got a little love from consoles in the early 90s.
Shadowrun fans are lucky enough that someone even brought the franchise back from the dead long enough to even dream of an RPG. With more and more RPGs going real-time and leaving turn based behind. What is it Shadowrun fans expect? Even if they were to make it like Oblivion people would b!tch about there not being multiplayer. So I ask you WTF is the difference? Don’t ya think they should see if the Shadowrun name doesn’t fall on it’s a$$ again before you start thinking RPG! The Shadowrun RPGs in the past didn’t do so well, even the pen and paper tanked and is only supported by the hard core. Hell Halo fans are hard core don’t see them b!tching about the Halo RTS. When I first heard of this game I thought damn another RPG based on old pen and paper (which I played) but when found out it was going to be a multiplayer only FPS that sparked more interest in the game. This game is looking better and more fun every new video I see and besides I have Mass Effect coming out to satisfy any RPG monster in me.
They need to wait and see if this is a hit before they start thinking RPG.

Magic should be free for everyone. FPS and RPG

nice_cuppa5216d ago

xbox users only as pc people mod and cheat too much.

Anerythristic265215d ago

Am not gonna bit$% about it either. When they make an RPG they get my $60.00.

candystop5215d ago

This should be a good game and is showing some great potential to being kick azz fun! Regardless of what all the nay sayers say I will pick this one up at launch and enjoy it!

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