How Final Fantasy XII's Development Troubles Presaged a Tough Decade for the Series

With Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age now out, look back on its troubled development and an interesting what-if.

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DeadManMMX558d ago

Enix had poisoned the well

FinalFantasyFanatic558d ago

I felt everything went downhill after X, yep..,

PhoenixUp557d ago

Nope. FFXI was a great MMO. FFXII was great. FFXIII was divisive. FFXIV turned into one of the best MMOs on the market. FFXV is good.

Bahamut486d ago

FFXI was an okay game. FFXII was ok. FFXIII was AWFUL and an insult to long-time fans of the series. FFXIV is a "pretty good" mmo. FFXV was mediocre at best.

NONE of these games come CLOSE to Final Fantasy's hay day. We're talking "masterfully created works of art" (FF 1 - 10) compared to "pretty decent" (FF 11 - 15). No comparison, no argument.