No, It’s Not Too Late To Get Into FFXIV

The development of Final Fantasy XIV is a story unlike any other. When it was originally released in 2010, it was almost universally panned. Its biggest supporters could only muster faint praise or optimistic projections of the game beyond its graphics or its music. It was for that reason that myself and many others passed on the game. But then Square did something unexpected: they remade the game.

GhostlyJunior2156d ago

I played a little bit of the Realm Reborn trial on PS4 when it launched, but I couldn't figure out the controls. Might be worth getting back to I guess.

FallenAngel19842156d ago

It's never too late to get into any game

Kupa2155d ago

MMOs are different. They change so much to keep up with the end-game, but it tends to trivialize the early game for new players. FFXIV doesn't fall into that trap.

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PapaBop2156d ago

The problem with FF14 is that the game only really gets good after level 50 and the patched content post ARR launch will feel like one hell of a slog to most people. The story skip cash shop items aren't really a solution either because the patches do an amazing job setting up the Heavensward story and really, if you're not interested in good storytelling, you're looking at the wrong game. It's absolutely amazing at level 70 and the overall story is hands down the best in an MMORPG but telling new players it'll take like 100 hours to reach the good stuff isn't exactly the most enticing of sales pitches.

Kupa2155d ago

Yeah, that was my biggest worry. I'm not one to skip content, so being told "the game gets better after the first hundred hours" is an insane barrier. That's as much time as I put into FFXV to Platinum it. But I wanted to write this because, after 40 hours, if this is the worst the game has to offer, I think it's worth people's attention.

rainslacker2155d ago

The game's story does kind of move really slow early on. I think this is why I stopped playing, and I started playing this game because I grew so bored with WOW's push on more focused story but failing to resolve it in an interesting way in the end game. What is there is good, but like many MMORPG's, there is a lot of that early level grinding and mostly boring quests to fill time. The actual story quests take some work to find, and eventually get into. I never got up there in levels though, so I can't speak to how well it all comes together, because I think after years of time investment in WOW and AION I just gave up on the MMO stuff.

mezati992156d ago

the base game is one of the most boring shit i have ever played

holy f*** is it tedious, but the expansions are damn good, so if you don't have a problem going through a shit tons of hours of boredom to get to the good parts then be my guess, if not, this MMORPG is just not for you

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