AC/DC LIVE: Rock Band Track Pack is an Epic Fail

Jeremy writes:

"As a fan of both Rock Band and AC/DC I have been salivating over the possibility of hopping across my living room on one foot like a jackass for a long time. My wishes have been granted and ruined in one quick swipe. It's kinda like getting a present you have really wanted only to unwrap it and find it covered in dog shit. Sure, the present is still there, but with all the mess do you still really want it? Congratulations Harmonix, MTV Games, and AC/DC, these are truly "Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap.""

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Torch3790d ago (Edited 3790d ago )

All these stipulations are so ridiculous, it has GOT to be a f*cken joke.

If this is all true (and appears to be, according to the article's embedded link to the official site), Harmonix sure has done a stellar job of pissing all over my Cornflakes.

Looks like they're trying to pull a sneaky "Guitar Hero: Aerosmith" of their own. At least that game has over over double the amount of songs and can now be found for the same price (and I find even THAT too expensive.)

As excited as I was, I won't be buying the AC/DC pack any longer. :(

On the bright side, at least my voice will be spared from screeching-induced laryngitis. ;)

sa_nick3790d ago

GH Aerosmith was a full priced game costing $20 more.

Also, this is ACDC, they don't let any of their music to be sold digitally. No where on iTunes or anywhere can you buy ACDC songs, they hate digital distribution.

It would appear they don't want HMX/EA distributing their songs electronically as well.

ALSO, all the tracks from the disc can be ripped onto your hard drive for FREE so you can play the songs in RB2 as if they were DLC.

Torch3790d ago

Doesn't matter, whichever way you slice it, it still works out to over two bucks a song, which is more than buying a single track off the network.

I personally don't care for the separate game, nor do I need this kind of stuff to be on disc...all I want to do is be able to play the tunes in Rock Bank just like the other songs...and at the same (bundled) price level.

To each their own; if it makes you happy, then go for it.

But personally, I'm disappointed and won't be buying it.

(BTW: I mentioned GH: Aerosmith partly because I saw it for sale yesterday for $41 - working out to about a buck a song.)

Cintai3789d ago

Think of it as DLC, for Top bands it costs $1.99 a song. These songs will basically cost $2.22 a song. In reality no big deal.

Argue about whatever you like but your argueing about .23 cents per song.