Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 for Nintendo Switch Gets First Trailer; Shows Features and Motion Controls

You'll be able to use your Joy-Cons to launch a Kamehameha in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 for Nintendo Switch.

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LOL_WUT1604d ago

This is cool and all but i'd rather have the new Dragon Ball FighterZ game ;)

Gemmol1604d ago

not coming until next year, its at 20 percent complete for now, so its not a bad buy until it comes out

bacrec11604d ago

Has the online been scrapped?

Gemmol1604d ago

nope, full game as the others

Outlawzz1604d ago

Great im buying on switch nothing tops portability for me. Never played on PS4 or Xbox and gta show these companies there's a reason to support the switch too.

contradictory1604d ago

Motion controls, because it can always be more annoying than just pressing a button!