The Senran Kagura game series might get slammed with self-censorship in the future?

I (Robin Ek, TGG) had this creepy sense of deja vu when I heard the story about "Senran Kagura" and its risk of being affected by self-censorship in the future. You see, I've been covering quite a few stories of this kind over the years. So here's my take on this particular case.

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TGG_overlord1127d ago

That's what I thought when I heard about this. However, I'm looking into a said statement from Kenichiro Takaki.

Littil_Devil1127d ago

Good, because I want to know the deal. As I have no plans to support the series any further if they inject censorship into Senran Kagura.

Simon_the_sorcerer1127d ago

What did he say? And is everything alright now?

Littil_Devil1127d ago

The devs + publisher would lose a ton of money and fans if they go through with this.

TGG_overlord1127d ago

If they want to kill off their IP, then this is the way to go.

Simon_the_sorcerer1127d ago

Not only that, it might also give other Japanese devs and publishers the idea that we're cool with censorship.

Littil_Devil1127d ago

Why would they even do this? I mean, this makes no sense at all...

TGG_overlord1127d ago

Like I said in the post, it would be like removing the blood, gore, Metal and slaying from "Brutal Doom". Simply put, if you did that, then it wouldn't even be "Brutal Doom" anymore.

Simon_the_sorcerer1127d ago

It was said that they planned to do so in-order to sell more games in the West, and to get higher review scores (some reviewers gave the games a low score because they didn't like the lewd content).

ShaunCameron1126d ago

So they don't get into trouble with the feminists and white knights among our Western media.

GrimDragon1127d ago

The liberal plague continues to swallow the industry inch by inch. The sjw sect led by Anita will not rest until females in games wear burkas, or look like men. When they win and there's nothing more to be done they will move on toward other things more important because they were never gamers in the first place. We will be left with an industry shaken apart by the fear of feminist judgment.

If senran is censored they will most definitely lose money. Perhaps that's what it will take to make Devs realize, trying to appease those who seek proper representation of females in games they don't even play... is not the answer.

Freedoms of expressions are being taken away and subjugated by those who in actuality couldn't care less about the medium they just want to feel empowered by their actions. One perspective should not ever dominate an opposing perspective without solid facts. But even than different views should go mingle with like minded views instead of trying to dominate the entire spectrum with one defining view you feel is the right one. This is how wars have started.

To take a fantasy and claim it's representation has a negative impact on reality therefore it must be obliterated is a totalitarian fascist view in and of itself. To speak of tolerance but wanting to banish certain elements you feel perverts an individuals sense of reality. Is a delusion. Your living a lie feeding off peoples fears and lack of rational thinking.

The censorship in this country is getting completely out of hand. Take a moment to step outside the box and take a good look at those pushing these agendas. Liberalism is a desease. It gave birth to the sjw, radical feminist, white knights, their bible is the book of PC filled with the greatest lies the world has ever been inclined to believe in since the actual bible.

I said it before I'll say it again if no one is willing to stand against this oppression now don't complain later when everything we enjoyed is replaced with G rated material.
Stop by YouTube channel hunter avallone he knows exactly what's going on and isn't afraid to speak truth to the masses. Liberals greatest fear is facts truth is the bane of liberals use it.

TGG_overlord1127d ago

This might become a reality for all of us in the near future if something isn't done:

GrimDragon1127d ago

Wow....that is scary. I can see how the current state of affairs influenced the writer of that manga. Your right that kind of future seems very possible right now.

TGG_overlord1127d ago

@GrimDragon "Wow....that is scary. I can see how the current state of affairs influenced the writer of that manga. Your right that kind of future seems very possible right now."

- Just look at cucked Sweden, France and Canada. That's what awaits the whole Western world if the men don't grow a pair and do something about it. Me, I might just move to USA, Japan or Poland. As I can't stand this bs anymore.

TheOttomatic911127d ago

Never got into this series (not because of the fanservice but because of lacklustre gameplay) but if they do add censorship they would be killing he franchise entirely.

ShaunCameron1124d ago

Pretty much. The fanservice is the IP's main selling point.

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