Nintendo Should Not Rush Their Next Handheld writes "You can't call yourself a gamer if you don't know what the Nintendo DS is. Put simply, it's by far the most successful game system this gaming generation. It's been out for almost 4 years, and is one of the best and most affordable game systems you can buy.

Well, there has recently been some rumors about Nintendo releasing a new handheld system soon; Perhaps even by the end of 2008. In fact, Nintendo has confirmed some of these rumors. But should they already be preparing their next handheld system so soon with the DS still selling faster than cupcakes at a pot party? The answer is no; and here's why."

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jofra013794d ago

So people that began playing off on the early gaming consoles and did for a couple of generations can't call themselves gamers if they don't know what the DS is and prefer the old consoles?

TheDeadMetalhead3794d ago

It was an intro. Don't bite my head off, dude. ;__;

jofra013794d ago

Wasn't trying to bite your head off, was just saying is all.

Anyways I don't think Nintendo are rushing the next DS out either.

TheDeadMetalhead3794d ago

I don't know. For the DS being as successful as it is, 4 years just seems too short.

Of course, maybe I just want it to last longer becuase the DS is my favorite system. Hmmmm... :/

RememberThe3573794d ago

A little late for this one.

AP3794d ago

A famous British Newspaper editor once said "The perfect story 10 minutes late is a useless story." Unlucky, dude. :p

CNIVEK3794d ago (Edited 3794d ago )

...because stupid Nintendo fans will lap up whatever crap the "big N" dumps on them.

The DS is nothing more than GBA tech, with 2 screens and a stylus.

The Wii is nothing more than a GC with a new shell, and a pointless control scheme, that few devs bother to use...or fail trying.

The next handheld could be DS tech, but controlled by breathing on the screen through a fvcking straw...and Nindendo zombies would buy 50 million of them.

No offense to the zombies above. :o

**EDIT** @ Colbert...

I hated HALO 3...and 2, for that matter...and finished Mass Effect, for the 2nd time, about 6 months ago. But thanks for showing concern for me. Nintendo still sucks though. :o

TheColbertinator3794d ago (Edited 3794d ago )


Everytime I see your posts,you sound angry.Just chill out and play some Mass Effect or Halo 3 and calm down.I notice you have one bubble but its best to comment in games you are interested in instead of looking for problems

edit: I see.So you didn't like Halo 3? Happens I suppose.As for Nintendo,you are entitled to your opinion

PeterGriffinSays3794d ago

"The DS is selling approximately 550 million units each month in the US."


I smell a vicious typo.

Sena Kobayashi3794d ago

I have 1 question.

If they are going to remove the GBA SLOT How the hell im I going to play Guitar Hero ?

It doesnt really matter since i own 2DS lite and a OLD one but still.

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