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OXM Online: Mega Man 9 Review

From the quirky mechanical enemies to the strident strains of deliciously lo-fi music, Mega Man 9's run-and-gun platforming adventure honors the 8-bit era even as it saves progress without alphabet-soup passwords. As usual with this renowned series, you'll negotiate tricky jumping puzzles, spend screws on energy reserves and extra lives, and defeat bosses to expand your arsenal with their offbeat special attacks. Of course, every world's packed with instant-death obstacles and checkpoints are few, so just reaching those leaders demands the patience of a saint. Mega Man 9 is one of the better games in the series, and tickles the right retro pressure points, but whether you enjoy its perverse trials or run screaming will mostly depend on your tolerance for its brutally punishing difficulty.

* Brings back the memories.
* Tricky puzzles and challenging bosses...

* ...can be too tricky and challenging for the not-so-hardcore retro gamer.

* Why does the Proto Man add-on cost another $2? Thanks Capcom.

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