PALGN: Mega Man 9 Review

Mega Man 9, then, is startlingly familiar and refreshingly distinctive. It's defiant and unwelcoming, yet eminently playable and almost devilishly addictive. In short, its like a lot of classic 8-bit games of yesteryear, titles from which many a gamer's passions blossomed and grew. For those gamers, Mega Man 9 is essential. For newcomers, there's no better title to serve as a gateway into the world of classic gaming, provided they are up to the challenge. Buy Mega Man 9, and show your support for such exciting experiments. Mega Man 9 may appear antiquated, but it's as vital and pure as any game you're likely to play this year.

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Nitrowolf23792d ago

i love this game. I still havent beaten it cause its pretty hard but i think it was worth the buy