The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Legendary Edition now available

The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Legendary Edition manga has been released in the North American region.

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NotoriousWhiz465d ago

Oh Manga.... I thought we were getting a game.

RosweeSon465d ago

Same I got excited for a lil while. Did manage to get the 3ds version few years back, they need to make it available again.

Zjet464d ago

Yes its so stupid they took this off the eshop i have 6 3DS consoles now and would love to load it up on 4 of them for co-op.

Hell charge $5 for it still buy it.

Sadly i only had it on my DSi Xl and 3DS to get it....

Surely they could rerelease it...

464d ago
RosweeSon464d ago

Yeah seemed like a real odd choice being as really you need as many players as possible like you said even bang a £4.99 price on it wouldn't be end of the world but yeah think I may have had it from my DSi or yeah early days 3ds as had mine since launch and just transferred With my ambassador games... loved my 3ds still do. Switch Mario Kart is a winner tho and I had the Wii U version but loving it on switch. Amazing game.

Soulst0rmer465d ago

I really loved the GameCube version. I would love a sequel.

vork77465d ago

i thought it was a game I was lied too