Gran Turismo Sport vs Forza Motorsport 6 Damage Model Graphics Comparison

Gran Turismo Sport is becoming more advanced with each update released. Latest patch 1.08 has added physical damage to the cars and finally the steel start to bend. Let’s compare this damage model with the same feature in Forza Motorsport 6. Which one do you like better?

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crazychris4124555d ago

I hate how car manufacturers won't let them use better damage models. Just looks stupid when you drive into a wall at over 150 mph and you only have a cracked windshield, some scratches and a couple dents. It totally ruins the immersion. Wish they could work out a deal to use damage model similar to the Grid or Project Cars series.

itsmebryan555d ago

What do you mean. On Forza body parts like bumpers, spoilers, and mirrors also come off and they stay on the course the whole race. What damage are manufacters not allowing?

solideagle555d ago

Car will be a wreck at 150 mph hitting a wall. Car companies dont allow this for video game creator to mimic because consumers can have perception to check cars durability in games..i think that's what chris is trying to say

crazychris4124555d ago

Body is intact for the most part. Look at Grid or Project Cars damage and compare it to GT or Forza. Its night and day difference.

4Sh0w555d ago (Edited 555d ago )

I don't think gamers REALLY want totally realistic damage. I mean seriously small crashes can render a car undriveable, flat tires from debris, and leaking fluid causing loss of horsepower, steering, braking, plus hundreds of other little things that will end a real life race= no fun for a video*GAME.

Gamers say they want realism but they don't, now if youre talking more cosmetic damage, then maybe, but then what's the point of showing you a totally f-up car that still laps around the course?

sinjonezp555d ago


You are absolutely right. In project cars the tires fall off the sparks fly from the rotors, the hood, engine, the spoilers on gt cars, everything takes damage. I don't understand why GT and Forza don't have extensive damage modeling. The games are great but if they are in fact DRIVING SIMS they should have simulation damage.

Death555d ago

Not to pick, but most drivers don't want very expensive damage to occur in the first place. The goal in any race is to finish. Video game cars are fairly cheap and most gamers don't care if they hit a wall or other car at 150 mph. In the real world there is pretty good incentive not to do the same. Besides the extremely high costs, most drivers want to live.

SonyWarrior555d ago (Edited 555d ago )

car manufactures dont allow any intrusion into the driver and passenger cabin at all. so at most it can only crumple the front back and sides a little bit more and have panels fall off

fr0sty554d ago (Edited 554d ago )

It is true that most gamers, being poor professional drivers, will not want one wreck to end the race, but I would love to have that challenge as an option just like I'd like a challenge in a FPS of a bullet to the knee cap being nearly able to cripple me and also having to worry about bleeding out before I can reach a medic.

Cheese_rawl554d ago (Edited 554d ago )

@ fr0sty

You just described America's Army. You would have loved that game in its prime. Great memories.
EDIT: AA2 of course, not the "sequels".

zekk554d ago

@death I always though the goal was to make sure no one else is able to finish the race :p

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thisismyaccount555d ago

After watching some Grid and Project Cars damage compilation videos ... i´m glad GT nor Forza has any of that. Seriously racing on 3 wheels with a wreck of car in Grid (Honda NSX) ... why would you want something like that? For anything more realistic the hardware is not there yet.

And let´s be honest :

Give the kiddies and older kiddies such feature and you end up having a Destruction Derby in every online race. I´m not into that ..

4Sh0w555d ago

Yeah see that's what I was saying. I love a little cosmetic damage that actually affects performance in a SIM racer because it's incentive to actually drive better but if you actually make it realistic where hitting a wall at even 40mph could bend a fender, which slashes your tire, ending your race I don't think it will be much fun.

dcbronco555d ago

The level of realism for a game like Grid does create some good moments though. Racing with a friend I was trying to get used to manual and blew my transmission playing around.

Liqu1d555d ago

If you only had 3 wheels then you would call it quits. Some people like having race ending consequences for screwing up, others may find it annoying, especially when someone else is at fault for ruining. In Pcars case the damage was very inconsistent for me. Hit a wall at low speed and a wheel falls of, rear end another car at high speed and there's no damage.

Aloren554d ago (Edited 554d ago )

Well, any "simulator" that let you hit a wall and drive like nothing happened is not a simulator.
And I'm tempted to say that people praising driving simulations that don't punish crashes are self indulgent. Games should AT LEAST give the option to have realistic damage.
Yeah, hitting a wall would end your race... but that's precisely what a simulator should be about....

XbladeTeddy554d ago

"For anything more realistic the hardware is not there yet."

It is. Check out a game called Free to download. It's basically a car crash simulator.

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XanderZane555d ago

Forza games has settings to adjust the damage. It can not only be visual, but also effect you car's control and the wheels. I miss the days of Demolition Derby (PS1). That was one fun game. Wish someone would make a sequel already.

BeOpenMinded554d ago

I just now remembered that game! A sequel would be fantastic. Crossout has some of those elements

XStation4pio_Pro555d ago (Edited 555d ago )

Yeah man forza let's you totally destroy cars. And the parts get left on the tracks. They're even there on later laps. The bumpers even jiggle if they're barely haning on. As of F5 you can flip cars. This video was just super dumb. :)

rainslacker554d ago (Edited 554d ago )

In real life, if you drive into a wall at 150mph, the car would probably be undrivable, even if you managed to survive the crash. Even the first impact of these cars in the video would cause significant damage to these cars. They look more like they have steel bumpers, instead of fiberglass or aluminum fascias which they actually have nowadays.

Sometimes, super realistic is just not going to be fun. The creator of GT said they once had a very realistic damage and crash model, but it just wasn't fun for the average player, as if you don't really try hard, then you are more likely to crash into something.

It might be nice if they gave the option to have that level of detail on crashes though. It would be nice for those who want that added challenge and realism. While I try my best not to crash, I still do lose control sometimes, and just resetting on the track doesn't really feel realistic....but hey, who wants to restart the whole race every time?

If you look at things like NASCAR, if there is significant damage then they are required to end the race. If there is damage to something like the bumper, then they have to pit to remove the bumper cover....or whatever. There is often rubbing damage, which is about what we see in these games, which is about all the damage that doesn't require the pit crew to take care of.

WilliamSheridan554d ago

I loved the damage system in Burnout Paradise...

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Angeljuice555d ago

I don't know which is which but the damage on the silver car is far more realistic looking.The black car just crumples straight lines without taking into account whether it's chassis, suspension or bodywork.

A driveshaft won't bend like a body panel.

kayoss555d ago

Silver one is from GT Sports

Fishy Fingers555d ago

GT left, Forza right. Says which is which in the corners :/

mockzer0555d ago

To be fair, the video often labels both of them as Forza. 😁

Angeljuice554d ago

I had a window open above hiding the top of the screen.

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Death555d ago

It's an unfair comparison since it's against Forza 6. To make this fair we need to see the GT vid here compared to Forza 7 at night in the rain like all the other comparisons.

shloobmm3554d ago

You do know in that exact article that show forza 7 in the rain there is another video in the day light in which it shows both racers on a dessert style track in the middle of the day with clear skies and F7 blows away GT Sport even more.

Death554d ago

Yeah, I still thought it was funny. There will be plenty of comparisons once both titles ship. All fans will be happy regardless which system they play on.

Unreal01553d ago


"All fans will be happy regardless which system they play on."

Nah. Let's face it, you won't be happy if GT ends up being a superior racer to your Forza.

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Lazarus69555d ago (Edited 555d ago )

Neither look very realistic,bumpers wouldn't bend the way they do in Forza nor would they be as intact as they are in GT.

freshslicepizza555d ago

Night and day difference in graphics though. One is so clean with no aliasing and much more off track detail.

LP-Eleven555d ago

Shocking post.......... -_-

OT: Anyway, in regards to what's relevant, GT:S looks like an improvement damage wise, but I do wish the manufacturers would allow for more detailed destruction. No matter the game. Would add that much more immersion.

dcbronco555d ago

People need to stop with the manufacturer won't allow nonsense. That was a lie the first time it was used as an excuse. Strange that they allow it for every company but one.

rainslacker554d ago

I'm not even sure that's still a mandate from the manufactuerers. But then even if one requires it, then it kind of hinders doing it with all the cars, because there has to be a level playing field.

Anyhow, other games seem to be able to include damage without much problem. Sometimes more realistic, sometimes, not so much.

I know the damage thing was an issue back in the PS2 days, but I think they may have lightened up on that since then.

dcbronco553d ago

When Forza was doing damage Sony claimed manufacturers didn't allow it. An obvious lie considering your immediate competition clearly had it. I guess manufacturers told them they could only upgrade the visual models of certain cars too. Just say you're a small team and don't have time or enough people to add the damage. Say you don't have the physics expertise. But don't lie when it's obvious your competition is doing it.

tyasia0555d ago

For once I agree with you. GT Sport is so clean with no aliasing and much more off track detail.

freshslicepizza554d ago (Edited 554d ago )

Take off your PSVR headset and look again but the amount of agrees you got proves my point about the lopsided views, no matter how wrong they are.

tyasia0554d ago (Edited 554d ago )

Thanks for reminding people that GT Sport has VR unlike Forza.

At least your disagrees are less than your average of 10+ to 1 I guess you can be proud of that... After you thank me for letting everyone know your were actually saying GT Sport looked better.

Aren't you happy? We both finally agreed on something... that GT Sport looks better, my agrees are your agrees! Were on the same side here, best of friends!

freshslicepizza554d ago

"Thanks for reminding people that GT Sport has VR unlike Forza."

Part of it does and it only offers one on one racing. I guess sacrifices had to be made.

"At least your disagrees are less than your average of 10+ to 1 I guess you can be proud of that... After you thank me for letting everyone know your were actually saying GT Sport looked better. Aren't you happy? We both finally agreed on something... that GT Sport looks better, my agrees are your agrees! Were on the same side here, best of friends!"

At least now it's finally confirmed that your alt. account was never to be taken seriously.

tyasia0554d ago (Edited 554d ago )

Aw don't be mad your like the Robin to my Batman the Jimmy Olsen to my Superman the Tonto to my Lone Ranger. Everyone needs a sidekick sometimes.

But honestly it's true I have a problem it's like that movie Fightclub insomnia has caused me to fight with myself the sad sad truth is that Moldybread is my alt account... please ban the Moldybread account it's really for the best.

Unreal01553d ago


Your comments are so on point. Kudos.

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Wallstreet37555d ago (Edited 555d ago )

I can't wait until digital foundry does a comparison and all the fanatics faint and feel dumb lol

It reminds me of all the fanatics that tried to say Halo looked better than Killzone 2 back in the days (picture that lunacy right??) Lens of Truth, Digital Foundry, etc all unanimously stated nothing was touching Kill zone 2and it wasn't even close :) But hey fanatics will be fanatics :)

Fishy Fingers555d ago


But certainly nothing fanatical about still caring what a random stranger said on an Internet forum 9 years ago :)

itsmebryan555d ago

Are you say GT looks better than several years old launch title Forza 6 or the new Forza 7?

555d ago
Wallstreet37555d ago

This article is about 6 but I'm talking about both. The DF comparison I'm talking about will obviously be between Forza 7 and GT Sport :) I cant wait.

travestyj555d ago


Forza 6 was not a launch title. That was Forza 5.

thisismyaccount555d ago (Edited 555d ago )

At itsmebryan

GT6 track details (released 2013, for the PS3 with only 256megs of v/ram, with adaptive tessallation, dynamic lighting, volumteric fogs (casting shadow) , day and night cycle etc.....)
FM6 track details (released 2015, for the XB1 with up to 8,000megs of v/ram ..., everything pre-baked.)


Looks like even GT6 on the PS3 with just 256MB vram outshines FM6 on the much stronger XB1. Here you can see how Turn10 "cheates" with their games :
Here the same image in GT6 (2013)

The difference is staggering (skybox, horizon, track details). Sure FM6 runs locked 60 and maybe that´s the price one has to pay to achieve that. But visually GT6 (in many tracks) still looks better, has more features completely absent from any FM game (adaptive tessallation, dynamic lighting, volumteric fogs, day and night cycle etc.....) ... all that on JUST 256 megs of ram versus the 8,000 available. on the XB1.

PS3 is a beast ;)

Here a comparison between GT Sport Gt6 and FM6

Track analysis FM6, GT6, PC1

Krysis555d ago

You should know all about fanatics, you helped write the fanboy fanatic book.

O.T both games will look amazing on the iterative consoles and really good on the originals.

shloobmm3554d ago

Umm this video is Forza 6 from almost 2 years ago not Forza 7 that's about to come out. Prepare to be disappointed.

rainslacker554d ago

I guess comparing those two on a technical level, like resolution and frame rates or objects on screen is possible, but Halo has always had a bit of a stylized art style, so direct comparisons with a more realistic style in KZ seems a bit subjective to claim one is better than the other.

BTW, to those who want to make a big deal about me saying that, stylized doesn't mean it's bad. UC has a more stylized art style, as opposed to the more realistic style of TLOU. So it's not saying one is worse than the other.

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S_kicKer555d ago

Yeah, i've seen and played both. GT car models and lighting wipe the floor with Forza 6.

XanderZane554d ago

You haven't played Forza 6 obviously.

Z501555d ago

Off topic comment saved.

LP-Eleven555d ago

@ dcbronco:

Nonsense and excuse for what? Oh and ...

That dev must have been lying then. And.....

The Forza dev mentions that it's not only difficult, but that "certain" damage is still behind licensing deals. So, unless we're to believe a random forum goer, there ARE restrictions in place under certain circumstances, in addition to, development difficulties. Not excuses.

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2pacalypsenow555d ago

So the cars were made out of plastic in previous Forza games, now they are made of rubber?

shloobmm3554d ago

Rubber bends and creases? Must be a new kind of rubber. Or are you referring to GT Sport that simply got scratched but never actually damaged?

freshslicepizza554d ago (Edited 554d ago )

Better than cars created on the Emotion Engine that act like Plinko from the Price is Right.