Top 10 Series That Began on PlayStation 1 - Debut titles that achieved greatness

The original PlayStation took gamers by surprise as it featured one phenomenal library of games. In this list, I'll take a look at the ten most influential series that began on Sony's debut console. Let's get to it; greatness awaits!

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PhoenixUp2151d ago

It's still a cheat how Metal Gear Solid is on this list

naruga2151d ago (Edited 2151d ago )

MGS defined what it really is with MGS1 on PS1 ..previously was just a stereotypic 2D isometric game with less shooting in it it was like it born that exact time and Kojima himself has repeated it numerous times.........

also Resident Evil was literally imo the most impactfull game of the era it not only invented surrvival horror but invented crucial 3D mechanics which helped all 3D games (especially prerendered backgrounds with polygonal chars) of that era JRPGs , Survival Hor , Action etc etc

darthv722151d ago

You could say that while "Metal Gear" originated on the MSX... it was a new take on the stealth series that debuted on the PS1 as Metal Gear Solid.

As to your second part, I agree that RE was truly a game among games and still stands the test of time.

Segata2151d ago

RE has it's roots on NES with Sweet home. RE is also on Saturn. Same with SOTN and Tomb Raider. Also Tomb Raider began on PC.

andrewsquall2150d ago

@Segata We know that. The article is about games debuting on PS1 and pretty much becoming massive hits helped by massive sales. Resident Evil did indeed come to Saturn but a year later and probably sold one tenth the units on that console too.
Wrong, Tomb Raider actually launched on the Saturn first but was rushed by a timed exclusive deal by Sega. The game released much better a month later on the PS1 and PC and of course went on to sell millions on the former.

PhoenixUp2151d ago

MGS is still part of the preexisting Metal Gear franchise that had already been established in 1987 on MSX, so it still shouldn't be on this list.

Why dafuq you bring up RE when I didn't even say anything about it?

naruga2151d ago (Edited 2151d ago )

^^ man i replied to your comment ....and then i just continued writing a my opinion about the article , RE comment is not addressing to you ....what would you like me to do ? ...reply to you ..and then make a 2nd comment for the article?

darthv722151d ago

The first part of his post was directed at your post. The second was his own thought in regards to the list of games and their impact. Not directed at you specifically.

PhoenixUp2151d ago

@ naruga

Yeah since that would make things simpler.

@ darth

I get that

AspiringProGenji2151d ago

Not a cheat really...

It was on PS1 where Metar Gear started to finally take shape and become known. Even Kojima himself credits PlayStation a lot for it. You could say that Metal Gear "Solid" was a new start, and it started on PS1

PhoenixUp2151d ago

It doesn't matter where it "took shape", the series had already been on MSX and NES before reaching the PS1.

If this article were about series that became popular on PS1 then you'd have a point.

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darthv722151d ago

I'd add in Tomb Raider as an honorable mention. Otherwise it's a solid list of great titles.

PhoenixUp2151d ago

Tomb Raider began on Sega Saturn

darthv722151d ago (Edited 2151d ago )

Resident Evil was on Saturn too. I believe the nature of the piece is about games that began on PS1 as I don't recall TR being on Genesis or SNES or any other platform. It launched in the 32bit era and began its rise to fame on PS1. Just like RE.

PhoenixUp2151d ago

Resident Evil came to Saturn after it started on PS1.

Tomb Raider began on Saturn then came to PS1.

Segata2151d ago

It began on PC and was on Saturn.

AspiringProGenji2151d ago

After playing Persona 5 and discovering such amazing series, I feel like I have failed humanity for not knowing about this series before.

Thanks PlayStation <3

InKnight7s2151d ago

I dont blame you man we were are trapped and fooled by waiting proper FF and KH thats why we missed this great series.

Imalwaysright2151d ago

You´ll fail humanity even more if you don´t play at least P3 and P4.

Segata2151d ago

What a crap list. Persona is a spinoff of SMT which began on NES.
Namco Museum is just collection of existing games by that logic Mario All Stars was a new series on SNES.
RE was also on Saturn. The real roots of RE are in Sweet Home on Famicom.
MGS is part of an existing series called Metal Gear from the 80s on MSX. Hell Snatcher had a Robot buddy similar to MGS4 and it's name was Metal Gear.

PhoenixUp2151d ago

Resident Evil 1 came to Saturn 1 year after it released on PS1.

AspiringProGenji2151d ago

Persona is its own game despite being a Spinoff, and it began on PS1

acidflare2150d ago

MG was on MSX, GB, and NES.
Persona is actually a spin-off of Shin Megami the original series not Shin Megami tensei.

I completely agree with you on the fact that 60% of the list is garbage. Where's the mention of Tom Clancy's rainbow 6? Rayman? 3D versions of FF? Imo this list is utter bullshit

Segata2150d ago

Rayman technically began on SNES as there was a game nearly finished for it but cancelled.

DivineAssault 2151d ago

Most of those series' are still great today..

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