The Big TGS List: 2008 Edition

September 30, 2008 - The Tokyo Game Show returns starting October 9, a little bit later then last year's show. TGS is open to the general public again, contrast to the E3 Expo held each year. Kicking off October 9 and running through October 12, TGS showcases several new games, as well as the surprise unannounced titles from the industry's biggest publishers.

To celebrate the festivities happening in Tokyo on October 9th, PPGN is starting thier coverage of TGS 2008 right here and now. Listed below is every PSP game that has been "officially confirmed" to appear at some point during the show. Do not get excited if your most anticipated titles or "surprise" title isn't on the list-as already we are getting reports of surprised titles to be shown by Sony. This page will continually be updated as more and more publishers release their confirmed game lists.

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sajj3163793d ago

I echo your thought! Where is Tekken 6!!!!!!

fishd3793d ago (Edited 3793d ago )

oops sorry for the Double post

meepmoopmeep3793d ago

wasn't something similar posted awhile ago?

MK_Red3793d ago

To hell with every other TGS game. I want to see:
1. Bayonetta
2. Team ICO's next game

meepmoopmeep3793d ago


that's all i'm looking forward to, well, WKC as well

MK_Red3793d ago

That and other titles from Level 5 as well as some other games should be really interesting but for me, Bayonetta and Team ICO RULE

TheColbertinator3793d ago

Excellent.Lets see how Microsoft and Sony duke it out for gaming dollars

PPGN3793d ago

Uh everyone. This is just a PSP TGS 2008 list. ;)

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