Top Horror Games This Halloween

GamersPlatform Reports: "Year after year, we celebrate Halloween by going trick-or-treating outside and some of us are playing one of the scariest horror games all night long with a bunch of friends and screaming their lungs out when we get freaked out. This year at GamersPlatform, we will guide you as to what Horror games may satisfy you this Halloween. For us, horror games can be something that will be really scary or may have you jumping out of your seat when certain things happen while you're playing..."

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Kleptic3791d ago

insanely poorly written article...the devs of Dead Space have stated numerous times that the game is NOT a shooter...and that ammo will be limited...and that the focus IS on terrifying atmosphere more than gimmicky scripted scares...

this article makes it sound like Dead Space is Doom 3...hardly...Doom 3 was a shooter...with horrible everything...Dead Space appears to be nothing like that...

zach23873791d ago

Lol Im my opinion, Dead Space isn't a survival horror. It's an action horror not a survival horror... I like the list.

dj_funky3791d ago

siren ftw for sure.. i can't play that game at night without the lights on. =X

Dipso3791d ago

Siren would be the pick of the bunch there for me. I've never been a big fan of true survival horror and Resident Evil 4 was the first game in that series I enjoyed, simply because it was more of an action title. I had a feeling that Siren might be a turnaround point for me and it really has delivered, the mixed pacing for each episode keeps it really interesting and the art/sound direction are beautiful. Truly scary game.