Why It’s Time to Trade in Your 3DS for the New 2DS XL

The New 2DS XL will be out on July 28. What's so great about this newest 3DS model? Well, there's a lot to it!

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InTheZoneAC1534d ago

What if I have a new 3ds xl?

1534d ago
JBryant06191534d ago

The 2DS XL should have been what the 3DS was back in March 2011

GuruStarr781534d ago

I agree. This is the portable system that should have been all along. Take the 3D crap out and give us that second analog nub and streamline it.

Unfortunately, I've moved on to the Switch and carrying another portable is just not an option (in addition to carrying a phablet phone and my Switch). Hopefully Nintendo will port some of the better 3DS games to the Switch eventually. I want to play Samus returns, but I'm really not thrilled about having to buy another system (for the 4th time, LOL).

SR3881534d ago

Just bought a new 3ds XL for Metroid

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