Game Revolution: Mario Super Sluggers Review

Game Revolution writes: "It's always hard for me to come to grips with these Mario sports titles. They exist in a space between the concrete rules and forms of actual sports, and the abstract insanity of a world without actual laws beyond that of Nintendo's. Mario Super Sluggers continues this proud tradition of confounding me by introducing a solid interpretation of baseball broken up by moments of absolute madness.

Consider for a moment, a baseball stadium with a train track running through the outfield, such that a fielder may be squashed by a passing train while attempting to catch a pop fly. This is not a guarantee; indeed, there may be no correlation to train schedules, no warning bells or flashing lights. Just suddenly, a train that would catch outfielders instead of cows. Is this not a small vision of madness?"

+ Clever, fun mayhem
+ Simple, pick-up-and-play controls
+ Clean art style
- Not really close to a baseball simulation
- Lacks depth and complexity

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