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Full in depth review of the new SRPG "God Wars: Future Past" by NIS America.


"God Wars eschews the standard SRPG tropes of knights and valour and civil wars and instead opts for a very Eastern motif, with the many myths and legends of Japanese folklore instead providing the backdrop for its tale. I can’t stress how fresh this felt – aside from Disgaea’s dives into the underworld, SRPGs have followed a fairly strict pattern of narrative formalities that I’ve grown tired of over the years. Whilst I know nothing about the Kojiki – an ancient Japanese text the game draws a lot of its influences from – I was thrilled to see something genuinely unique and alien on screen. This backdrop is by far God Wars most unique card in its deck, and one of its strongest too, so it’s a shame to see it squandered a little on a somewhat meandering storyline."

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