Comparing Warhammer Online Classes to Football Positions

Joe Blancato writes: "Name a position on the football field that can knock a 300-pound defensive lineman on his ass and also rack up 1,000 yards receiving with 10 TDs every season. Now, name a class that can nuke a tank into oblivion and also ruin a healer corps' day in the same breath. Much like the offensive juggernaut that is the tight end, Sorceresses make the other team hurt, no matter where they're playing. Fortunately for the other team, Sorceresses drop about as fast as most TEs; both are particularly vulnerable to the chop block/cheap shot. The sorc also has a bit of the roid rage in her: She's stronger than everyone else on the field, but also has a habit of blowing up randomly at the most inopportune time."

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