CEATEC 2008: Mitsubishi Blu-ray Recorders

Today at CEATEC Japan, Mitsubishi announced two all-new Blu-ray players featuring Digital Video Recording capabilities. These products are intended for the Japanese market where DVR recording capabilities are considered essential along with Blu-ray playback. The two models are the DVR-BZ200, which features a 500 GB hard disc drive and the DVR-BZ100, featuring a 250 GB drive. Both models advertise a full range of Blu-ray features including DTS HD-Master Audio bitstreaming, 1080p/24 support as well as full DVD playback abilities. Both players also come fully equipped with SD card slots for a wide variety of media management options utilizing both the AVCHD and AVCREC video systems. As a bonus, both players allow any content recorded on the system's hard drive to be recorded to DVD. Mitsubishi did not announce pricing or availability for either of these new products.

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