10 Games With Absolutely Filthy Language

Just make sure you've put the kids away before you play any of these.

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Simon_the_sorcerer554d ago

Conker's Bad Fur Day is fun as hell to play though :P

EatCrow553d ago

Wish devs would feel free enough to create these types of games again.

JackTheLiz553d ago

lol, Conker PALES to the amount of swearing in the other games. Hell, most of the cussing in Conker is censored!

Venox2008553d ago

In Xbox version yes..but N64 version is not cendored as far as I remember

KingOfArcadia553d ago

How could they have left Bulletstorm off the list? That was the first game that I can remember hearing one character call another a cocks*cker. I suspect some people may have a problem with the amount and level of swearing in that game. Not me though.

morganfell553d ago

I used some of that same language when I realized twinfinte had posted another 10 page slideshow article.

New-Breed553d ago

How is Rogue Warrior not on this list? That game had some of the most absurdly filthy language in a game I've ever heard.

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