Console Monster: Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Review

Console Monster writes: "Star Wars: The Force Unleashed has had its fair share of hype before release, with Star Wars fans drooling over the fantastically portrayed dark attitude of Starkiller, the apprentice to Darth Vadar, whilst gamers have been anticipating the chance to combine force powers with unbelievable physics. Rarely getting hyped I found myself starting SWTFU with a sense of predictability for what I expected was yet another title in the generic Star Wars line-up... I was wrong.

Jumping right into the game on the 'Sith Lord' setting (the hardest accessible difficulty until unlocking 'Sith Master') I was initially surprised at stepping right into the shoes of Darth Vadar himself. Being able to play a character of legendary status is somewhat unique, and did a fantastic job of portraying how powerful and dangerous he really is as I slowly walked along the path before me, throwing all enemies aside like flies. Before long the story takes off as Vadar spares Starkiller, a child of two Jedi who will soon be known as the apprentice of Darth Vadar, the slayer of the Jedi..."

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