Analysts say 360 selling well in India despite high price

Despite being insanely expensive, analysts say the Xbox 360 is selling well in India. And while no sales figures have been released, the console is said to be "ubiquitous in stores across Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore." Great, it's widely available in stores but is it selling? Is it ubiquitous in people's homes? We'll have to wait and see for at the moment, Microsoft India refuses to cough up any sales numbers since the 360 launched on September 23, 2006.

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THWIP5217d ago (Edited 5217d ago )

That TV ad was some trippy sh*t. 0_o

power of Green 5217d ago

I wonder what some of those Idian game guru's that said ther was no difference between PS2 and the 360 are thinking now.

Capt CHAOS5216d ago

THat was an interesting article, I remember it.. But think back, he said the 360 was good but couldn't justify it over a PS2, considering the ancient Telly and setup they had.

Silverwolf5217d ago

masters of the quikie mart must be able to afford them.

Marriot VP5217d ago

the tv ad is hilariously disturbing, that's why I posted this

darx5217d ago

for the queerest television add ever! That was funny s**t!

Marriot VP5216d ago

different culture, those were the indian microsoft people who made that ad.