Monolith Are Treating Shadow of War On Xbox One X With Great Care And Tremendous Pride | GB

After the highly successful debut of Shadow of Mordor, the developers at Monolith Productions are back with the highly anticipated sequel: Shadow of War, which is set in mythical world of the Lord of the Rings.

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Bigpappy2086d ago

Well thank you Monolith. I do appreciate your efforts as I plan on buying your game with said X1X.

4Sh0w2086d ago

Me too, Bigpappy....always love to reward devs who put in the hard work and go the extra mile.

mark_parch2085d ago

im just gutted all the cutscenes are pre rendered so they never show your current armour other than that game looks amazing. will be picking up day 1

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AngelicIceDiamond2086d ago

True but all versions of the game should be treated with respect.

4Sh0w2086d ago (Edited 2086d ago )

True but I didn't take it as they aren't treating other versions with respect....I just thought what he meant is that X1X is new to them so they ARE taking the time to utilize the extra power it has to make the best game they can, while the other platforms they are already familiar with so its more or less a known quantity of what they can deliver.

It won't be night and day between the pro and X1X versions but yeah X1X will be the best console version with both platforms pushing the hardware.

thejigisup2086d ago

"After playing through Shadow of War’s preview version at E3 2017, it’s obvious that Monolith is treating it with great care and tremendous pride." That quote is from the article itself. The title is really a bit misleading. Yes it was previewed on the xbox one x, and all versions should be treated with great care and tremendous pride... i would have liked to have had that quote from the developer directly. I am a bit upset that i wasted the time reading that 'preview' but w.e. my bad for giving gamingbolt the click in the first place.

_-EDMIX-_2086d ago

Ummmmm yes, but I don't think they are making that statement like they are exclusively ONLY treating the XONE X version with this care.....

Why is it this site seems to think everything is a either or? smh

XanderZane2085d ago

Tell that to the Destiny 2 developers.

fiveby92085d ago

"Monolith Are Treating Shadow of War On Xbox One X With Great Care And Tremendous Pride". As opposed to what? Not great care and lack of pride? The same is probably true for all platforms. At the end of the day, more copies will be sold on PS4 as that has the largest install base. They will not put less effort into a platform where they stand to make a greater amount of revenue.

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richie007bond2086d ago (Edited 2086d ago )

Me to , day one purchase for me on XB1X

XanderZane2085d ago

Ditto. Will be one of the first games I get for my XB1X.

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timotim2086d ago

Happy to see that devs are enjoying developing on X. I know that's one of the main things Microsoft wanted to accomplish with the new box. Making devs happy inturns makes gamers happy because they get to play a better game that has less restrictions placed on it. Sounds like the Xbox version will be the one to get for consoles.

nitus102085d ago

You also have to remember that Microsoft said that all games for the XB1x have to be playable on the XB1 so if a game looks really good on the XB1x and does not play and/or look all that good on the XB1 is really going to annoy around 30 million XB1 owners.

timotim2085d ago

I would think these newer games will continue to look as they've always have on that other words...solid. I don't see why 30 million or even 1 million would get upset at X's ability to play games better. Its a newer piece of technology sold at a higher price point. That would be like suggesting that PS4 Pro pissed off all the owners of the standard console...I don't see that as the case at all. Microsoft is simply giving gamers more options and different price points...

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XStation4pio_Pro2086d ago (Edited 2086d ago )

definitive (console) multiplat version #1

ninsigma2086d ago

Good stuff! The tech is there so use it I say!
But please put in the same dedication for the PC port 😁


I will support them and MS by purchasing this game on X1X day 1

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