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Back in 2006, Nintendo published a series of games on the Game Boy Advance in Japan called bit Generations. The bit Generations games were a sister series to the DS's Touch Generations games and were meant to illustrate the beginnings of video games, and one of the games released in this interesting series was Orbital. It's quite clear that Art Style: Orbient (or "Orbient" for short) is a remake of Orbital, but we don't want to spoil the details of the game in the first paragraph.

Let's begin with the premise. The bit Generations games really strip things down to the point where there is little to analyze except for the game itself, and the point of this game is rather simple. You assume the role of a little gray star, and you need to absorb stars of equal size (coloured blue) to grow and eventually become large enough that a "goal star" begins to glow yellow. Once this occurs, you must manoeuvre the grey star so that the goal star falls into your orbit to complete each stage. This is easier said than done, however.

Besides your little star, there are many other stars of various sizes within each stage. You can use the A and B buttons (sorry, no waggle) to use gravity and anti-gravity respectively to pull and push your star around the level. This helps avoid obstacles and allows you to bring your star into another's orbit. Keep in mind that when you're trying to move into another star's orbit, that you need to come in at a gradual angle. If you're on the right track to locking in to another star's orbit, this will often be indicated by a curved dotted line on screen, but don't rely on this as many levels require lots of adjustment in your trajectory. Once you're locked in orbit a little white line will circle around the larger star. To get out of a star's zone of orbit (indicated by a red circle around it), simply use anti-gravity to push yourself out. ....

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