Gamespot Once More Lowers The Bar For Video Game Journalists Everywhere! tells about's shady traffic scam presented through one of the sites shows "on the spot". Users of the site continue to wear down their F5 keys refreshing the forums for any news as to when gamespot will send out their LittleBigPlanet Beta keys, but are left high-and-dry by clueless site moderators.

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John_McCain3721d ago

GS just proved that they can be even bigger liars than me! >_<

Time Lord3721d ago

it should be called, they made me watch 1 hour boring show FOR NOTHING!

King Me3721d ago

this is absolutely retarded of them;Sony never sent them any keys,and yet they lied about the entire thing....

And NOW they're trying to blame Sony!

Chubear3721d ago

All major gamingsites do this same crap to compete. gamespot isn't doing anything gamestrailers, EGM, 1UP, Eurogamer, IGN etc etc aren't doing. It's only GS has been unfortunate that their dirt has gotten out more than the rest.

dinkeldinkse3721d ago

Gamespot or the idiot impersonating McCain.If you don't like him then don't vote for him. There is no need to create account to smear someone you don't like.

John_McCain3721d ago

If you want me to stop impersonating myself, get me an Obama mask so I can get all the candy from the kiddies this Halloween. :P

DaTruth3721d ago

If anyone can link to the comments, you'll see my comment saying this is fake and only for hits. I knew it.

I am DaTruth

boodybandit3721d ago

and now look at them. Sad how far they have sunk. I'd rather read from blog sites. Gaming journalism in general is at an all time low but GS definitely tops the list of garbage and sites that should be avoided / ignored.

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UltimateIdiot9113721d ago

I really hate how these sites are driving up their traffics like this. I'm not surprised if they lied.

King Me3721d ago

other sites didnt lie about having the keys,sure,they made people go through an unnecessary contest to get the keys,but at least they had them.

Gamespot made people(including myself) watch both the unorganized trash they call on the spot AND the previous unorganized trash just to get the answer to the question....And gues what?!!?!?!THEY NEVER HAD THE KEYS TO BEGIN WITH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!

How is it that they still screw gamers over and over again with their bs!

BrunoM3721d ago

ristin made the following statement on her GS blog:

Our list has been into Sony since yesterday. It’s up to them when they get them out. We don’t phyically have the keys. We sent the list of winners to Sony, Sony will be emailing the keys out. If you have a complaint, email Sony.

BWAAAAHHHHH????? They didn’t actually have the codes that they claimed to have from the start

WOW .. these is stupid ....

they didnt have the keys lol...

isent about time some one does something about gamespots stupid storys ratings of games that are the same in the 360 and ps3 and some how 360 games always get 0.5% more of ratings and now keys ...

humm i see lets all call sony ask for our keys and tell them to tell gamespot to Fuk OFF

DNAgent3721d ago

You no longer need to correct someone when they talk about Gamestop but spell it as Gamespot cause they both screw you over. In any case, I think the next episode of On The Spot will be funny to watch as I am sure if people don't have their codes by today that their question box & comment section will be spammed with this stuff.

jay23721d ago (Edited 3721d ago )

I'll be Emailing.