Episode 39: Extending the Game - DLC, GaaS and F2P • Digital Fiasco

This week on Digital Fiasco, hosts Dandr0id and Jack McBastard talk about how games stretch content: DLC, Games as a Service, and Free to Play models.

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The Digital Fiasco Podcast Episode 39: Extending the Game - DLC, GaaS and F2P - Topic Timecodes

(1:23) Dandr0id inches through Horizon: Zero Dawn
(3:32) Dandr0id plays Need For Speed (2015)
(11:34) WWYPT Debrief: Risk of Rain
(16:56) Taco roulette fallout
(18:55) Jack McBastard waffles on No Man's Sky
(19:16) Jack McBastard plays The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
(25:41) Switch Bitching
(31:28) Discs, Downloads and DLC Highlights
(37:24) News Time Announcement
(37:49) Trailer for EA's Anthem airs with Xbox One X footage on Sony's YouTube channel
(41:15) Remedy was ready to do Alan Wake 2 and Microsoft said no thanks.
(47:01) Netflix's Castlevania anime launched last Friday
(50:21) Adi Shankar is also producing an Assassin's Creed anime
(52:51) Jack mispronounces Tatsumi Kimishima, and Nintendo avoids the PC
(54:41) The Nintendo PlayStation: What could have been?
(57:20) Rebellion Games begins work on Evil Genius 2
(58:49) Mega City One TV series casting suggestions (Note: Jon Berenthal is only 5'8")
(1:01:48) Early details on the PlayStation 4 Spider-Man plot
(1:03:42) Your Shadow of Mordor nemesis isn't done with you
(1:06:26) The Tomorrow Children are soon to be yesterday's news
(1:10:00) Nintendo and the SNES Classic: Manufactured Scarcity
(1:15:14) DayZ creator slams ARK for doubling its price before launch
(1:22:40) Horizon: Zero Dawn adds Ultra Hard difficulty and New Game+
(1:24:49) GTA V Aliens found!
(1:30:09) The Titan will awaken in August
(1:35:00) The Options Menu: Checkpoint (and Taco Talk)
(1:36:38) Checkpoint: Extending the Game - DLC, Games as a Service and Free to Play
(2:18:49) Outtro, Outtakes and Digital Fiasco's new studio