'Dragon Ball FighterZ' Demo Impressions

Find out what Screen Critics thought of the upcoming Dragon Ball FighterZ - after some hands on time with the games demo.

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XanderZane2266d ago

Wonder if the demo is on XBox One yet? I should check it out if it is. Haven't played a Dragon Ball Z game in a long time.

sinjonezp2265d ago

The article was very short and noting what we already know and have seen with the game, I'm actually disappointed with the article, it really didn't tell us anything and felt like something thrown together to get a few clicks,

sinjonezp2264d ago

I like how someone disliked all of our comments lol

XanderZane2264d ago

Yeah.. no kidding. Trolls will be trolls though. I still want to try the game for myself.

biblesosus2265d ago

Was wondering how this played based on how awesome it looked in the trailer.

opinionated2264d ago

Damn I thought there was an actual demo lol. Dude played at some anime con.

TheOttomatic912264d ago

As someone who never liked Xenoverse Fighterz is right up my alley.


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ZeekQuattro69d ago (Edited 69d ago )

I've played dozens of Dragon Ball games over the years. For me my favorites are as follows but not in any particular order.
1. Super Gokuden 1 & 2
2. Hyper Dimension
3. Budokai 3
4. Budokai Tenkaichi 3
5. Legacy of Goku 1 & 2
6. Infinite Worlds
7. Raging Blast 2
8. Attack of the Saiyans
9. Fusions
10. Xenoverse 2
11. Supersonic Warriors 2

sadraiden69d ago

Hyper Dimension was so good, also loved the Super Botouden games.

ZeekQuattro68d ago

I forgot about those. Extreme Butoden was also good. It came with Super Butoden 2 now that I think about it. SB 2 was my favorite one as a kid as it featured Broly.

VersusDMC69d ago

No dbz fighterz? Outrageous not to have the best looking dbz game. Are you not into tag team 2d fighters?

senorfartcushion69d ago

1. Kakarot
2. Budokai 3
3. Budokai 2

I’ve played more but the others are forgetful for me

PunksOnN4G69d ago

I am playing Dragon Ball Z: Attack of the Saiyans right now after seeing it on youtube . Its soooo GOOOD!!! Looks amazing on my 3ds.

VersusDMC69d ago

Budokai 3 and DBZ fighterz are my most memorable.

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SullysCigar244d ago

This would have saved me some internet trawling before Christmas!

230d ago

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