Nintendo Wii Storage Comes Closer To Gamers

A Storage solution for the Wii is something that many owners have been craving for since the console released. Did Harmonix locate the holy grail in it's most recent annoucement; and if they have exactly what is it?

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Cheboury3670d ago

Seriously... Who gives a SH*T about this Nintendo Wii shortage news!!!!!

Mine is collecting dust after playing Okami and with all the goodies coming out on PS3 & Xbox 360 I doubt I will ever switch on the Wii...

Mad World & The Conduit could see me do just that...

But Who Gives A.... About this NEWS!!!

TruthbeTold3670d ago

...about this news, then why torment yourself by clicking on the story? Why subject everyone else to your hate? The title was plenty clear enough to steer you away. If you just want to troll and tout how much you like your PS3 and 360 and will never want to play the Wii you supposedly own then fine, but the Open zone is that way =====>

steveg25643670d ago

It's not a shortage story. It's a storage story. Before you get your panties in a bunch, read the headline properly. You also may want to get that rage problem checked out.

GFahim3670d ago

gives a s**t about you?

sumfood4u3670d ago

Betternot see a TBA or cancle they need to go thru with this Fiasco.

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Product3670d ago

I picture him wearing a Kick Me sign.