Is Gamestop telling their employees to push the PS3?

A post in a gaming forum contained the following note:

New conference call directive:
We are to repeat these EXACT statements to customers that ask:
"The Playstation 3 is a great system."
"The Playstation 3 really doesn't cost that much when you think about it."
"The Wii may be a good system, but it lacks the many benefits of the PS3."
Durr, guys, if that didn't work for SONY's marketing the thing why would it work for us?

Also the reason for bad PS3 sales from Gamestop:
"It seems some of our employees are injecting a little too much of their own opinion into what items they recommend to our customers. It is true that the Wii is a very good system but this does not mean one should suggest a person purchase it instead of the PS3." investigates

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Maddens Raiders5423d ago (Edited 5423d ago )

employees in the good 'ol USA are so freakin' anti-SNE maybe this is like sensitivity training for them. It's The Main Reason why I stopped going to these little shop of horrors and shop BBuy exclusively for games, periphs and kick ass displays that actually work. I was tired of the all out hatred and lies. At first I thought it was isolated, but I'd go from Texas to Missouri, and even Florida and here the same tired, dumb ass comments. These stores need to educate their emplyee base, instead of giving them the benefit of the doubt, 'cause in the long run these morons are hurting their company's bottom line. But what do I care? =] Not that the people at BBuy are geniuses or anything, but I don't have to over hear a conversation from some jerk telling a soccer mom that the PS3 has no online capability, Always freezes up, and doesn't support any of the older titles (actual conversation). Fuchk Gamestop and EB. Period.

Marriot VP5423d ago (Edited 5423d ago )

"Is Gamestop telling their employees to push the PS3?"

Yes they are, in fact their doing a lot worse than that. I was leaving gamestop and one of the guys threw a PS3 at me saying, "please take it, somebody's got to."

Raist5423d ago

Doesn't seem to match what's said in the article

But i guess, as long as it's bad for sony, a one guy experience in one random shop is more credible than another guy's with 10 shops, right ?

MicroGamer5423d ago (Edited 5423d ago )

Sony must be throwing their weight around and threatening to revoke Gamestop's "favored retailer" status if they don't start pushing PS3 hard, but who in their right mind is going to believe for one minute that the Gamestop employee actually believes PS3 is the better value with only a handful of games and a high price?? Anyone with an ounce of sense is going to go Wii60 before they get a PS3.

Grown Folks Talk5423d ago

they are not told by anybody to like xbox or playstation. they are individual people that like what they like. in some cases they are just kiss asses trying to tell people what they think they want to hear to try and get #s. every employee is not like i was. if i hadn't played a particular game, i told the customer that, and would provide them with feedback i'd heard from people who did play it. when someone would ask me if the ps3 or 360 was better, i would tell them it depended on which exclusive titles you liked. it was going to depend on your preference. the only other difference is extra services and which appeal to you. the problem is, the upper level people want everyone to get reserves and sell game informer so they can get good bonuses. half of the employees just bs to try and get #s to keep their job.

Maddens Raiders5423d ago

loyalties aside money is money and people are going to do (mostly) w/e it takes to move up / get promoted / bonuses, et al...

But unlike you former ?, I just don't understand how the exec's of these "outfits" let the help run wild with some of their theories, 'information', and "hypothesis". I mean you'd think that the manufacturers would put on seminars like car salesman or high end electronics salesmen go too, but I guess their just satisfied with the staus quo. Not me -- I'll be at BBuy who doesn't care about anyone. =]

Grown Folks Talk5423d ago

have retail training. it's just that it's optional for them to use. and the reps drop off material every few months or so. i've just learned to take anything said in an environment like that with a grain of salt. you as an individual know what you like. i think most of us are that way. when i was managing at gamestop i would see grandkids trying to swerve grandma into getting them san andreas, ect. people saying ps3 or 360 sucks (both employees and customers). employees should properly educate people, but as we both know, it won't happen anytime soon.

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