Top 7 Things That Would Make the Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy Even Better

This collection is above and beyond a simple remaster, and it’s hard to think of a more perfect tribute to our childhood, but here are seven things that would make something great even better…

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naruga2335d ago (Edited 2335d ago )

i disagee in all of them...these guys had gold in their hands and instead of givingus back diamonds or platina (or whatever is superior to gold) they gave a cheapy ...sloppy made remake , they gave us copper...

they had given for free so much potential, that could have literally destro out of the water any contemporary platformer (including all the overhyped recent Marios ) ...none of the aforementioned 7 things would be needed if the remake was stellar in the first place

USMC_POLICE2335d ago

What remake did you play? I don't think you played the right game.

Yui_Suzumiya2334d ago

Must be referring to a Big Rigs remake or something, lol

Newmanator2334d ago

I'd book yourself in to an opticians mate

fenome2334d ago

It's completely remade from the ground up, it's not just some cheap, sloppy remaster. Plus you get all 3 games for $40, why are you complaining?

-Foxtrot2335d ago

LOL. I was just thinking about the skippable intro...I mean seriously it's like they want us to remember who is in charge of the franchise still.

I agree about restarting a level, especially if you are doing the coloured gems. The time trials have a restart button so why does the normal game not have one.

I was wondering the the same about Coco aswell, she doesn't have any unique animations to her when getting killed and I don't see why she can't be used in the jetpack/polar bear levels. Seems pretty strange to me.

TheOttomatic912334d ago

Well to be fair Crash can't be used in her levels in Warped.

ironcrow23862334d ago

She cant do boss battles either...im on only on crash one atm so i dont know if that changes on the 2nd or 3rd games ☺

WeAreLegion2334d ago

I just want them to fix the hit boxes and jumping gravity.

Vanfernal2334d ago

1. A restart stage option
2. A restart stage option
3. A restart stage option
4. A restart stage option
5. A restart stage option
6. A restart stage option
7. A restart stage option

It's beyond rage inducing dying near the end of of stage while trying to get a colored gem and then have to quit the stage, go back to the map where by default Crash runs to the next stage, make him run back and going back to the stage going through 2 long ass loading screens. It's baffling why they won't let you just restart, especially considering that you have the restart option if you start the time attack mode.

Newmanator2334d ago

Omg that Plant Food level time trial.
Have you tried the Piston it Away all boxes gem? Took me for ever!

Vanfernal2334d ago

Still trying to 100% Crash 1. I'm taking my sweet time. But I remember Piston it away, and I'm NOT looking forward to doing that under the present circumstances. XD

Newmanator2334d ago

Vanfernal just getting to the end of Crash is is all the achievement I can take with that game

mockzer02334d ago

The inclusion of crash team racing!

DigitalRaptor2334d ago (Edited 2334d ago )


Well that, better load times and a 60fps option.

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