Japanese Psychiatric Association Wants 'Dementium: The Ward' Off Shelves

Last week, daily Japanese newspaper Sankei Shimbun (via Yahoo! Japan) reported that the Japanese Association of Psychiatric Hospitals has asked Gamecock Media Group's Japanese distributor Interchannel to pull DS game "Dementium: The Ward" from store shelves.

Released in Japan in June, "Dementium" is survival horror first-person shooter with a plot that has the protagonist in a dilapidated hospital filled with gruesome surgical experiments.

From the translated Yahoo! story, it seems that the organization was concerned that the game might "encourage discrimination and prejudice" against those with psychiatric disorders.

MTV Multiplayer contacted Gamecock CEO Mike Wilson about the association's request to yank the selling of "Dementium" in Japan. He said to MTV Multiplayer in an e-mail...

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VF34EJ253672d ago

I don't think anybody's going to mistake those 8 bit graphics for a real person with psychiatric problems

Leathersoup3671d ago

They want this game taken off of the shelves but they're ok with a game where people prod under aged girls?