No Man's Sky update 1.3 in August, Waking Titan ARG indicates

The latest document from a complex No Man's Sky ARG indicates that update 1.3 for the game will be coming in August.

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solderman469d ago

None of the updates have given me a reason to go back and play it. I need something more than Minecraft in space.

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cleft5468d ago

I can respect a developer that continues to improve on their game, especially after all the drama they got for missing features. It's one thing to be upset, but these guys where put through the ringer and treated like they where a multibillion dollar company instead of a small indie studio. Some of that is their fault, but I will never get mad at a developer for being passionate about their game.

subtenko468d ago

and im someone who still doesnt have minecraft as much as that game has evolved. so many games out

Mr-Dude469d ago

I wonder if they ever can update their game to what we saw at the reveal.

supermonkeyfox469d ago

What did you see that was so different from the released game?

MrFisher21469d ago (Edited 469d ago )

Exactly. Or did they just read b.s. articles. I have enjoyed the game since launch. And it keeps getting better. Esp the HDR and 60fps

Vegamyster469d ago (Edited 469d ago )


Exactly? There has been numerous popular videos showing Murray exaggerating or outright lying about things that were supposedly in the game, you can't call it BS when it comes directly from the head of Hello games lol.

one2thr468d ago (Edited 468d ago )

And yet not one gameplay video has ever shown, any HG dev interacting with another dev with this alledge multiplayer feature, he hinted it was there.

Did anyone actually see it?, Nope.

No other game that I have ever played with multiplayer in it, has not shown that aspect with a demo.

Hell Deadspace 3 had a online beta.

Dont believe, sh,t until sh,t happens.

chris235468d ago

i guess he/she needs to have common deathmatches and pvp to render it a valid game

Mr-Dude468d ago

I don't mean it negative, I have the game in my library, but when I saw the reveal trailer those big dinosaurs sure looked awesome. And the portals, super paradise planets etc. But we will see with the 1.3 update

Vegamyster468d ago (Edited 468d ago )


The entire conversation is based around the games elements that were missing from the game that we the consumer were told by Murray were included, multiplayer was only one out of many things & never said the game wasn't valid with a TDM mode or you couldn't have fun with it.

Here are a few things Murray said were in the game & even showed in trailers:

-Large faction battles
-Faction Affiliations & choices
-Star ship classes (Science vessel, traveling & battle focused ships ect)
-Massive ship fleets that you could battle if you chose (20+ ships)
-The Ability to land on asteroids
-Complex crafting system ect.

There is also other smaller things, all you have to do is watch a few videos including the two i provide for proof.

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MagicBeanz468d ago

I wonder if they could ever update their game to the point the over embellished anger and manufactured outrage from the gaming community would go away?

OoglyBoogly468d ago

People like you seem to forget that this game was announced like three years before it released. Once we actually FINALLY got the game it was a mere shell of what it was SUPPOSE to be and had a fraction of the features we were told it would have (a lot of them we were even told multiple times by the head honcho himself).

Sure updates...nearly a year later...have added a lot of content but even then it's still not near what they were showing and talking about years ago.

So yeah, I get that some are sick of people complaining. I even enjoyed the game despite wanting it more than any game ever in my life and it not being nearly as interesting or deep or diverse as I had hoped (and again was shown and told) it would be. I've enjoyed all the updates as well!

That doesn't change the fact however that they still lied and features like MP still haven't been added (or ever existed in the first place). And I don't even mean MP in the traditional sense, they even said they wouldn't have that, but the fact that no real people seem to exist outside of YOU kind of sucks.

nicsaysdie468d ago

I like your comment. Keep up the good work.

-Large faction battles- HAD IT
if there are 20+ ships being piloted by geck, attacking freighters being piloted by vykeen, who in turn send more fighters to battle the geck, you would be seeing a battle between two different races (or factions), involving 30+ ships including multiple freighters.
-Faction Affiliations & choices- HAD IT
there are 3 alien races (or factions) present in the game. when you make the wrong dialog choice in a conversation, or attack a freighter or starship you will receive a message that says you're standing with a particular race has decreased. conversely you can also have your relationship increase by defending and choosing the right dialog option, and will receive a message to that fact also. you can also check your standing with those factions through the log menu.
-Star ship classes (Science vessel, traveling & battle focused ships ect)- HAD IT
originally you "ship class" was determined by the technologies you chose to install in your ship. A fighter would have focused on guns and shields with maneuverability. Science would be focused on hauling materials for trade so you would have lots of slots with a good hyper drive. Travelling would focus solely on hyper drive and engines. Now there are bonuses to different stats based on class.
-Massive ship fleets that you could battle if you chose (20+ ships)-HAD IT
I had 20+ ship battles both before and after the foundation update. The most I ever fought was 24. So yeah.
-The Ability to land on asteroids-NOPE
I don't ever remember hearing this from Murray or hello games, but it doesn't even seem necessary. Most asteroids are smaller than your ship. And none have gravity. So if you could land on one there would be nothing preventing you or your ship from floating off into space without some other technology to craft and keep you on said asteroid. Plus all of the materials found on asteroids are found on planets so again what would be the point.
-Complex crafting system-HAD IT
I'm guessing you haven't had to spend hours looking for materials to upgrade your hyper drive or engines. Also, just as one example, you have to craft 4 different items to get a warp cell, and each of those items has its own requirements for building. That's pretty complex and time consuming. Maybe what you are mad about is that it's not presented in a complex manner. I personally would rather it be presented in an easy to understand, user friendly way.

In short, the game has the vast majority of what you are complaining about. Maybe you should actually play the game.

MagicBeanz468d ago

@ OoglyBoogly

People like you seem to forget this isn't the first developer to lie or not come through on promises, what I dont understand is how other developers and games get a pass but this one didn't. It was pretty clear there was a hate train rolling for this game and the outrage was blown out of proportion. I'm not saying the game was perfect or didn't have its fair share of issues, I'm saying the anger was disproportionate to the problem. If consumers are going to demand their money back for things like what happened with no Mans Sky then they need to demand their money back for a lot of other games as well.

XStation4pio_Pro467d ago

Hey nice PM and block. That's manly of you. Even in your nasty PM to me you still missed the point and call me daft? lol! You are dense.

XStation4pio_Pro466d ago (Edited 466d ago )

Lol. Ok. Another PM and block. You are sneaky lil devil, you. You know what's funny? I work on computer graphics for a living. Do you know what PBD is? Do you know what PBF is? Do you know what PhysX is? I doubt it cuz you can barely comprehend what even a sentence means. You don't know shit about me. You rushed in like a blind fanboy to shoot down a comment that you still apparently don't even understand. Call me names if it makes you feel better but to me it just means you're an idiot and can't think of anything worth value to object to. It's too bad you're really insecure and defensive. I pity people like you. Sorry I have to reply to your crybaby PMs here cuz you're not man enough to take replies and block me. LOL.

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subtenko468d ago

nah we wanna go past that.....

Servbot41469d ago

Are they ever going to add the promised multiplayer? That might make me care.

The_Sage468d ago (Edited 468d ago )

No one ever promised multiplayer. I followed the development of this game very closely and I got exactly the game I expected. Many times Sean said that he was worried that people were expecting a different game than they were making. It would be like people going to see Superman Homecoming and being angry and sending all kinds of stupid hateful negative stuff to the writer because Guardians of the Galaxy are not in it. The backlash against this game was truly repugnant and made the entire gaming community look horrible. The reaction was an embarrassment at the very least. One of the very few times I was ashamed to call myself a gamer.

Servbot41468d ago (Edited 468d ago )

Come on Sean, we all know you lied.

The_Sage468d ago (Edited 468d ago )

Some small clips that I've seen before taken out of context prove nothing other than the fact that you did not closely follow the development of this game. As a matter of fact, Sean did say that you could run across other players but you would never even know they were there. Another fact is, No Man's Sky is a massive multiplayer game. People are all playing at the same time, uploading discoveries that they name. You may not see them, but they are there. Also, you can grief other players. I could name a planet, Servbot41 Isatool, and it would be there for all to see. People expecting a game that was never being made was not the developers fault.

Adrian_v01468d ago

And about him saying that the only way to know what the player looks like would be to see another player and that that would be a profound experience in the game?

The_Sage468d ago

Well... I thought that maybe they had planned to possibly have other players visible, but either weren't able to implement it, or decided not to scrap it for fear the game would devolve into a grief fest.

thekhurg468d ago

There's no way to take the following out of context:

"The only way to know what you look like is for someone else to see you"
When asked "Can you run into other people, other players in the game?"
He responded "Yes. But the chances are rare because of the size."

Only, people have gone to the exact locations of each other and they didn't see the other player.

You can't take those comments out of context. You simply can't...

The_Sage468d ago

Copy and paste of the existing post above.

Well... I thought that maybe they had planned to possibly have other players visible, but either weren't able to implement it, or decided not to scrap it for fear the game would devolve into a grief fest.

Servbot41468d ago (Edited 468d ago )

But you said, and I quote, "No one ever promised multiplayer" not "He said there was multiplayer but probably had to cut it."

"I followed the development of this game very closely and I got exactly the game I expected."
Well I guess you didn't follow it as closely as you thought because if you had you would have expected multiplayer like everyone else, including the people interviewing him, as he promised it on multiple occasions, up to and including on release day.

Dude, I get it, you like the game, but it doesn't mean it wasn't a bucket of lies and a poorly made game. It's OK to like things that aren't good, but don't defend lying developers.

Daybish99468d ago

What are you talking about he flat out said you could find other players in the universe but it would be hard if that's not saying there's multiplayer I don't know what is retailers even had to put rating stickers over the multiplayer logo the box was printed with a multiplayer logo on it look it up

OoglyBoogly468d ago

Where are all the downvotes for people saying Hello Games lied coming from? How are people like you @The_Sage getting so many upvotes for defending their lies?

I mean, I like the game! I'm not even a hater...but they did lie about MP and having other people in the world with you. What's with all the disagreements? Did everyone but a select few lose their memory over what happened with this game?

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The_Sage468d ago


How is it that you still don't grasp the fact that this IS a multiplayer game? Not being able to see the other players does not mean that there are not multiple people playing at once, uploading discoveries, and exploring the universe at the same time as you.

The quote about only knowing what you look like is another person told you was well earlier than when he stated to say that you would probably never know it if you ran across another player.

I get that you don't like the game, but trying to say that the developer promised you something that they never did is to delude yourself.

Servbot41468d ago

So there is multiplayer... because there are multiple people playing the game and that's the definition of multiplayer... but they never promised it.

Yeah, I'M the deluded one.

The_Sage467d ago

Yes, Servbot41... That is the definition of multiplayer. A game that multiple people can play at once. Multiplayer does not mean that you have to be able to shoot other players, or even interact with them.

gamesR4fun469d ago

I picked this up on the steam sale and put in almost 30/h already games great if you like survival games epic in scope looks amazing and runs just fine on my little 460 rx

zivtheawesome469d ago

From everything about waking titan i am pretty sure this is a complete relaunch of the game which would be drastically different than the original one, probably with many of the most wanted features and more.

uth11468d ago

Is there a summary of everything that's been learned from Waking Titan? I only know bits and pieces of it.

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