Could Rayman Give Mario a Run for His Coins?

First appearing in his self-titled game, Rayman, all the way back in 1995, Rayman has relished in relative obscurity ever since. Always an also-ran, never a front page platforming mascot like many of his brethren.

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mcstorm493d ago

I don't think anything cold be bigger than Mario in the platform world just because of how Nintendo use Mario. The last one that had a chance was sackboy but for me Sony messed up. LBP was a great creative game but LBP vita and 3 did not do much to the ip apart from not offer a lot and was the same as the 1st two and I won't say much about LBP karting it was a joke they should of taken things form MNR and added to it. But for me the closest we have come to Mario is sonic but again that has had hit and miss games. Sonic all star racing was very good and I think lost world's was also good but boom was a joke and others have not been the best to.

zb1ftw777493d ago

Sackboy is even less known than Rayman tbph.

mcstorm493d ago

@zb1ftw777 I agree with that but what I was trying to say is sackboy could of been the next Mario for Sony anyway but for me they messed it up to much and I do wonder if we will see a LBP game again.

zb1ftw777493d ago (Edited 493d ago )

Rayman as a name will never be as big as an own brand mainstream name like Sonic or Mario.

But neither will any other platforming name either.

Regardless, Rayman is superb fun. And very much born out of quality.

Enjoy it as it is. Because it is a game that is very enjoyable, especially if you have a couch gaming partner.

Apples Vs oranges etc etc etc

Warshade493d ago

The last Rayman was an Auto-Runner on cell phones. If they even hope to start to compete with Mario then they need to release a full 3D Rayman as polished as Mario but on all platforms.

TheOttomatic91493d ago

I enjoyed the last two titles of Rayman far more than any Mario game in years (though Odyssey will probably change my mind) but no I don't think Rayman can.

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