In Case You Missed It - Castlevania: Lords of Shadow

Player 2 looks back at the first successful 3D Castlevania game, Lords of Shadow.

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PhoenixUp558d ago

I enjoyed playing through it

Aeery557d ago

I really loved this game.
Super fun, sometimes challenging, with a lot of creative ideas.
Patrick Stewart as Zobek was pretty nice also.
Wow , I just found out this on imbd :
Jason Isaacs was the voice of satan.
He is our next Star Trek captain !!!

Soulst0rmer557d ago

There is a fan game on PC that came out a couple months ago.


Google it and check it out. Best Castlevania in a decade.

jeremyj2913557d ago

Loved this game so damn much. I was so bummed with the way things went with the sequel. So much potential wasted because of Konami's BS.

Snookies12557d ago

Exactly, this was actually one of my favorite games during the PS3/360 era. (Despite the framerate issues on console) the game was really good. I think the music and the set pieces are what really made it shine. Some of those backdrops were amazing in the first Lords of Shadow.

FullmetalRoyale557d ago

I loved the ending, the way it went down was such a blow to see your efforts be for nothing. Him dropping to his knees and sobbing, or screaming, without the audio was powerful at the time.
Never had the heart to play the sequel, with all of the bad things I heard about it. Just left the good memory as is.

jeremyj2913557d ago

The second one is worth a play through. All the negatives are near the end of the campaign.

FullmetalRoyale557d ago

Well, they'll never port it to Ps4, so I'll never play it. But I'm glad to know you enjoyed it.

Chaos_Order557d ago (Edited 557d ago )

I got about 5 hours into Lords of Shadow 2 and just gave up. It was such a massive step back from the first game IMO and ruined the most exciting premise (you play as F***ING DRACULA in the modern age!) I'd yet seen in a Castlevania game. Terrible stealth sections, boring level design, cringeworthy cutscenes, lack of variety, nothing to the story, and while the first game looked magnificent and had great art, this one looked dull, grey and boring in comparison. Combat was still strong but that just ain't enough.

Damn it, I feel like replaying Lords of Shadow now and just forgetting the sequel even happened. XD

Dannycr557d ago

First succesfull 3D-Vania? You may wanna check Lament Of Innocence. It was very well received and it felt way more like Castlevania. PSD: I do like Lords Of Shadow 1 and 2 a lot

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The story is too old to be commented.