GameTrailers Exclusive Call of Duty: World at War Co-Op Blowout

GameTrailers writes:

"Get schooled on competitive co-op with full run gameplays and in-depth interview!"

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DA_SHREDDER3695d ago

I don't know if I should buy it for the ps3 or the 360. Maybe I'll just buy it for both systems.

DavidMacDougall3695d ago (Edited 3695d ago )

Im liking the go good or bad decisions (Last Video)

damnwrx3695d ago

Brothers in Arms: Hells Highway.............

Maxned3695d ago

This game is going to be good. I dont care what you idiots say about WW2 games. This game may be the best shooter of the year. And will be as good if not better than COD4. Thats right I said it

Slinger4203695d ago

I knew Treyarch wouldn't come with some BS after the success of COD4. It truly looks like they rose to the occasion and crafted a phenomenal FPS that will certainly be a great addition to the library of any gamer like myself. We'll have to wait for some reputable reviews from IGN, Gametrailers, and Game Informer but the way it looks now is the game is right on track to be a hit.

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