AMD Radeon Vega Frontier Edition runs Crysis 3 with an average of 46fps at 1440p/Very High Settings

DSOGaming writes: "YouTube’s ‘DudeRandom84’ got his hands on an AMD Radeon Frontier Edition and decided to put Crysis 3 to the test. DudeRandom84 used the game’s Very High settings at 1440p with 2xMSAA, and the AMD Radeon Vega Frontier Eition was simply unable to offer an optimal gaming experience."

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Crazyglues563d ago

I'm no graphics card specialist, but isn't this Epic Fail..... GTX 1070> AMD Vega Frontier Edition.. -_-

Asuka563d ago (Edited 563d ago )

That is true, but Vega FE isn't really a gaming card. The gaming drivers for it are not even optimized as well. RX Vega is showing some promise tho. Here's hoping to a good price/performance card for teamred

Lon3wolf563d ago

Lets see how the actual gaming cards perform and at what cost before calling a fail.

From the article:

Naturally, NVIDIA’s GTX1080Ti offers a better gaming experience, and we don’t expect the consumer version of the Vega graphics cards, the Radeon RX Vega, to be able to compete with it. As we’ve already said, AMD’s Radeon RX Vega will most likely be somewhere between the GTX1080Ti and the GTX1080.

AMD will release the consumer/gaming variant of Vega at the end of July, so stay tuned for more!

freshslicepizza563d ago

This card is actually just a bit better than the GTX 1080 but AMD still has a ways to go to ever catch Nvidia.

ABizzel1563d ago

As those above me said, this is the non-gaming card designed for workstations. They're using this card to get theoretical performance of the true Vega gaming GPU.

That performance is around the 1070, and as the article says they expect performance of the actual gaming GPU to be around a 1080 or a bit higher. The 1080 offers great performance, but it also means that NVIDIA will have a good lead on AMD for the next wave of GPUs once again since the 1170 should perform on par with the 1080 as well, but the 1180 and 1180 ti cards should exceed both the 1080 and Vega.

That being said AMD is on a value kick, and that's where the cards viability comes into play. The 1080 is currently a $499 card. AMD will find success producing a GPU that offers that same performance and sell it at $399 which is the likely outcome, meaning the high-range is finally going to have a more established and consumer friendly price delta than it ever has.

The 1070 was a great value at $379 when it launched, and it's still a good value at $349. But if you can buy 1080 performance at $399 it's a no brainer and one of the best price : performance wins for high-end GPUs.

AMD is on track for hitting very consumer friendly prices with their entire GPU line

RX 560 $99 (I'm sure it'll have a $10 price cut)
RX 570 $149 (This is where this card needs to be to make it a steal)
RX 580 $199 (8GB, the 4GB version is unnecessary if the 570 drops to $149 but the 4GB stays at $199)
Vega 1 $299 (GTX 1070 performance)
Vega 2 $399 (GTX 1080 performance)

AMD is targeting the budget and mid-range, and honestly that's where the vast majority of gaming PCs range. The top end is a smaller group

cartoonx1563d ago

well that argument would be good if amd had launch these around the same time frame as 1070-1080gtx. these are more than 1 year old now. amd shouldtarget 1080ti for high end, else it will be same old story with volta releasing soon after vega.

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rocketpanda563d ago

Yes, you aren't a specialist. It doesn't perform as well as a gaming card because it isn't a dedicated gaming card. It's a card for professional developers and creators in engineering and science mainly.

armchairDev562d ago

"I'm no graphics card specialist, but"

Yep, you sure are not. This isn't a gaming card.

FinalFantasyFanatic562d ago

The current rumors the past few days state Vega will be between a 1080 and a 1080ti, I hope that's little Vega (and hopefully there's one below that to take the RX 590 position), I hope there's a big Vega that competes with the 1080Ti though.

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bluefox755563d ago

I haven't done much research personally, but everything I've heard seems to point to Vega being a bit of a letdown.

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Lon3wolf563d ago

I'm interested in bang for buck (I went gtx 970 as it was the best in that regards at the time), lets see how AMD cards fare when the actual gaming cards hit.

bellyboy563d ago

This card isnt running on optimized drivers, amd have stated its on a generic driver for the moment, it's no aimed at gamers, it can game, but it isnt the main priority. The RX version, gaming version, has recently been benched and it performed slightly better than a 1080 running at stock speeds for both, RX Vega will be on par, if not slightly better than a 1080, and if its cheaper to boot then it will be a good card, it wont get anywhere near a 1080ti though, which is a let down, i was expecting it to reach 1080ti a t least, but, with 3rd party cooling who knows how well it will overclock, until the 3rd party RX cards hit, we wont know.

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