Here's What Nintendo will (Probably) Announce Tonight

Late tonight (for Americans, at least), is the beginning of a Nintendo Press Conference that will be taking place simultaneously in Japan and California. Now rumors and speculation have been flying around for a while about what it is Nintendo could unveil. However four specific possible announcements have stood out, not only because they are interesting, but also because they actually may be true: a new, HD capable Wii, a music, camera DS, new Wii peripherals, and finally a revival of an old franchise.

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ape0073670d ago


bring next gen high def zelda game,although am not super zelda fan

next gen high def retro studios game,those guys are pure genuis,I want them to bring back turok(the team has former acclaim members I think)

King Me3670d ago

It's not like they're not selling the current version,heck,the last time i was in walmart(home of the casuals)i only saw like 2 ds lites available....

Smacktard3670d ago

High definition does not a good Zelda game make. Make the series magical again, like what Ocarina of Time was, and like what Phantom Hourglass and Twilight Princess weren't.

Raoh3670d ago

the current wii is doing too well for cheap to have a new wii introduced.. i dont think nintendo will squander their current good publicity and profit just to play catch up with high definition.. they would be smart to come in after the next xbox and just before the next playstation

so at the earliest 2011 for a new wii. at its current state the wii can pump out some great games for a long time....

as for zelda and other older game franchises.. they just need a reboot..

MegaBit3670d ago

Good post man I liked it.

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The story is too old to be commented.