Oddworld Creator Lorne Lanning "Has No Faith" In Switch

NL - Lorne Lanning: "The problem I see at Nintendo is the thinking. I think it killed Iwata"

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Soulst0rmer466d ago

This video is from Kinda Funny.

dillydadally466d ago

I might have agreed until my wife actually bought me one and I tried it. Now I think it's an ignorant comment. First, the switch itself was so much better made and more interesting than I expected after playing it. I actually do use both forms as well. Second, Zelda was so much better than I thought it would be. It's easily the best Zelda ever imo by a long shot, and I've played them all. In fact, it's the best game I've played in years and worth getting a switch for alone. Add Mario Odyssey, a metroid game, a Pokemon game, and all the other stuff they've got coming and this system rocks. Everyone keeps saying it doesn't have games. Meanwhile it has a lot more exclusives and games I'm interested in than my Xbox one.

And the switch will sell like crazy when that core Pokemon game comes. Mark my words.

Oh, and his comment about Nintendo and mobile games is completely moronic. Their games are making millions on mobile and Mario Run didn't do as well not because it didn't transfer well but because Nintendo tried to charge $10 for so little content. It gathered more interest originally than Pokemon go even did.

TheGamingArt466d ago

Calling it the best Zelda and not nicking the controller alone screems bias here.

dillydadally466d ago

@TheGamingArt Trust me, I'm not biased. I own an Xbox one, PS4 pro, top of the line PC, and switch, not to mention all of the last generation systems. The stock controller isn't bad, but it's not great. I'd rank it around the PS3 controller. I think it has the best feeling controls I've ever felt in portable mode for a handheld system - it feels very well made and precise. I understand the pro controller is amazing, but I think it's way too expensive so I haven't picked one up. In fact, that's my biggest complaint with the system - the price for everything past the stock console is ridiculous.

TheGamingArt466d ago (Edited 466d ago )

@dillydadally The pro controller is the only tolerable controller for the switch, calling it amazing puts your opinions into perspective.....

Discobastrd465d ago (Edited 465d ago )

It's amazing isn't it. Xbox unfortunately remains the only console I've not picked up this gen for the first time in years and I doubt I will, even with the new hardware on the way.
Switch is an incredible piece of hardware in my opinion. It's not until you hold it and try it, live with it, that it shines. Love it!

Get a pro controller though as well. You won't regret it! The price is steep but I quickly came to terms with that. No regrets whatsoever

dillydadally465d ago (Edited 465d ago )

@TheGamingArt What the freak? Learn to read people! Why is reading comprehension so bad among people? I never said the pro controller was amazing, just that's what I've heard from others. I've never even tried it before, so I have no idea personally! How was I downvoted and the idiotic comment that totally missed the point of my post upvoted?

It's like TheGamingArt is determined to label me as biased for my completely unbiased review no matter what I say. It's VERY obvious that TheGamingArt is extremely biased against Nintendo for some reason. Sounds like he hasn't even tried it but is trying to discredit anyone who says they have tried it and liked it!

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JackTheLiz466d ago

*Sees title* Ehh, makes sense I guess.
*Sees description* YIPES!

Jaypi03466d ago

Right? It's fine to have an opinion on things, but man, that description...

Ra3v3r466d ago

Meh, the guys been remaking the exact same game for 20 years. He doesn't really have a leg to stand on with regards to Nintendo's lack of thinking. As for advertising, I'm pretty sure Nintendo have given most games a branded trailer on the run up to their release on the Switch.

RosweeSon466d ago

Yeah Nintendo are constantly thinking New, Oddworld great games but wow best just keeping his mouth shut hardly timeless classics and as mentioned above can't think of anything new I know we'll remake oddworld, original.

Discobastrd465d ago

Lol. Not played it since PS1. Hardly was something to scream about then either

NiteX466d ago

"I think it killed Iwata" That was an extremely douchebag thing to say. Unless your goal was to be universally hated.

shloobmm3466d ago

Unless its true. Wouldn't be the first time someones work has put fatal levels of stress on them[especially when paired with otber illnesses. The WiiU was a financial failure and perhaps Iwata was feeling it more than anyone. Iwata was universally loved but perhaps that overwhelming stress played a role in his body not being able to recover from that tumor surgery.

RosweeSon466d ago

The Wii u was a financial failure? Did it ever sell at a loss or even have a price cut for that matter sure they'd have wanted to sell more but it was always sold as a profit don't see how that's a failure.

Segata466d ago

Wii U was not a financial failure. It swayed between being int he black to being in the green. it didn't lose them much of anything.

hellothere1977466d ago

or, you know, it could simply just be that the surgery itself took too high a toll on him. knocking on a dead man's corpse to make a statement is just plain bad taste.

Angeljuice466d ago

It would only enrage the reactionary. It's an opinion (one which he said was poorly phrased), it certainly doesn't make me hate him so "universally hated" seems a bit strong.

XStation4pio_Pro466d ago

Aside from the poorly phrased comment about iwata I agree. He pretty much sums up how I feel and what I've been saying on here. The switch is cool and it's a great portable but it's not a good console.

mcstorm466d ago

I have to disagree so far for me it's been a great console having Zelda and Mario kart in its 1st few months on the market have kept me going back to it. Add splatoon this month and Mario in a few months it has a great selection of games. Hardware wise I love it. We'll build feels solid and not to heavy. Ok software wise it's missing some core bits like the online dose not match psn or Xbox live yet and it dose not have apps like a web browser or Netflix but it took time for the ps4 and Xbox one to get apps and features the 360 and ps3 had. It's not 12 months old yet so let them get everything on it the we can judge it imo.

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