Zelda's Link is ambidextrous according to Eiji Aonuma

And let's face it, if anyone knows, Aonuma knows.

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babadivad471d ago

Weak ret-con. He was known as the LEFT HANDED SWORDSMAN.

Soulst0rmer471d ago

Wii version of Twilight Princess was the only reason Link ever went right handed. #waggle

babadivad471d ago

You mean Skyward Sword. He was left handed in Twilight Princess.

Soulst0rmer471d ago

He was left handed on GameCube but right-handed on the Wii version because the majority of people in the world are right-handed and it required the waggle. But yes since Skyward Sword use motion controls as well he was right-handed in that too.

Summons75471d ago

You are one of the few who actually cares. It's a non-issue.

sk8ofmnd471d ago Show