OTG Review: Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway

Only the Games writes: "Even so, Brothers in Arms' bedrock fusion of action and strategy can't be ignored, and neither can its occasionally stirring narrative. Hell's Highway is, at once, basic yet multifaceted, moving yet grandiloquent. It's a challenging and attentively crafted game, but also one that is never too sure of itself."

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damnwrx3671d ago

BiA:HH is a sh!tty game...I give it a 1.1 rating out of 5...... Now I gotta trade/sell it to LameStop or BrokeBusters.

FCOLitsjustagame3671d ago

Taste vary. I think this is a great game but then I dont play multiplayer. I am on my third playthrough of single player though. I loved the previous games in the series and love the tatical cover based shooters more then the bunny hopping run and gun shooters.