Sony, Namco Bandai to make more games for PS3

For those who may not be too happy that there weren't enough launch titles for the PS3, well, it looks like Sony's listening and is now doing something about it.

In a recent announcement, Sony revealed that its PlayStation Unit will be working with Namco Bandai to develop more games for the PS3. The joint-venture, dubbed as Cellius Inc., will begin its operations by March 6. In the meantime, Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. spokesman Satoshi Fukuoka has remarked that Cellius will be focusing on developing games which can fully make use of the capabilities of the PS3's Cell Processor.

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Monchichi0255218d ago

This story obviously written by a really uninformed writer because this is not what the story is. (Read previous article) This is how dumb rumors start, from dumb videogame journalist.