Gerard Way says "No way" to Umbrella Academy video game

Gamertell has posted an excerpt from an exclusive interview with Gerard Way, creator and writer of the Eisner-award winning comic book, Umbrella Academy.

In the interview, Way indicates that he does not want a game to be made of his comic book creation or the Umbrella Academy film (optioned by Universal).

From the interview:

"But then when you get this stuff like videogames and ####### GameBoy games and ####, that's kinda the point where I'm like, if we make a film of Umbrella, does that mean we have to make a videogame? Because that just doesn't seem cool to me. I don't understand why every single super hero property needs to be treated like a kids toy. There's no Batman [Dark Knight] game, right?"

Way is also the lead singer of the band My Chemical Romance which has a song in the upcoming Watchmen film.

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