Valve slideshow teases an upcoming Steam UI update

Valve's attendance at Indigo 2017 in the Netherlands last weekend was primarily a business-and-developers type thing. But images of slides displayed during a presentation by Valve's Alden Kroll that were posted in the Valvetime forum reveal some interesting things about Steam, and what Valve has planned for its future.

Fist4achin2279d ago

Now if you just turn the "UI" on the side, it looks like the number 3. HL3 confirmed?!

I'll just resume my position in the corner of the room now...


Digital Foundry Forza Motorsport tech review: a pleasing upgrade for series veterans

Six years and five days have passed since the release of Forza Motorsport 7, and Turn 10 Studios have been hard at work on a new entry in the beloved racing series.

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darthv724h ago

For anyone wondering... yes John will be doing a comparison video of GT7 and this game but it wont be until next month.

purple1013h ago

twitter down in UK btw, on safari MacBook, works on android app.

z2g3h ago(Edited 3h ago)

I can tell you right now as an owner of GT7 on PS5 and now playing Forza MS on Series X (both with VRR, HDR etc and yes I sprung for the premium and "took a trip to New Zealand" for early access) Forza Motorsport is better IMO. It looks better, it runs amazing, the simulation is just as good if not better now than Gran Turismo (the one lead I would always give GranTurismo no matter what) and it also and importantly to me isn't silly like gran turismo 7. they aren't trying to make it a "game". its just racing and racing events and a career of racing. no musical challenges, no cafes or silly talking heads. I love GT7 but that stuff is just straight up corny.

even the motion feels better on the track. the cars kinda shudder when the brakes lock up, there's vibration and movement. it makes GT7 feel very clean and computer like. The environments feel better and look better. There's less edge shimmer on Forza, it doesn't have the glow/bloom problems that GT7 has, the reflections with RT are awesome. The replays are better and better looking, it has more graphic modes, and even the new system for upgrading your car is pretty great... and yes feels like an rpg... in a good way. I play them both using the Logitech G29 and G920 racing wheels respectively for each system.

just my 2 cents. people are free to disagree.

mandf3h ago

Small clap for stealth trolling

thesoftware7301h ago

Sounds like an honest unbiased opinion.

I will definitely be checking out Forza.

RaidenBlack1h ago

wow, so people can't voice their own opinions nowadays ....

Lawless223123m ago(Edited 23m ago)

One of the biggest Xbox cheerleaders claims Forza is better than GT7....Very trust worthy source.

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Obscure_Observer2h ago(Edited 2h ago)

"For anyone wondering... yes John will be doing a comparison video of GT7 and this game but it wont be until next month."

From what I seen so far, GT7 won´t stand a chance.

FM is just on another level.


SwissCheese2h ago(Edited 2h ago)

Holy hell... that looks insane. The track reflections & lighting are unbelievable.

Lawless223131m ago

From what I can see Forza lost to GT7.

87 vs 84 Opencritic.


blackblades1h ago

I seen some random comparison on twitter, GT looks better but then again cant trust Twitter people that much. Mostly the main difference is the car has more details in GT

darthv721h ago

Yeah... you just cant tell from twitter comparisons. Especially if someone is using replay mode instead of actual racing. GT7 offers improved visuals (like RT) in replay mode. Race mode lacks RT unlike this game.

Sonic188132m ago(Edited 29m ago)

Is it necessary to do a comparison video on almost a 2 year old game 🤔 but then again Horizon Forbidden West came out almost 2 years ago and it still looks better than Starfield so I guess you can do a comparison with an old game

darthv7220m ago

Well... in this video they compare to FM7 which came out 6 years ago and it is a dramatic improvement over that. The next logical comparative would be how it holds up against the most recent GT release.

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SwissCheese4h ago(Edited 4h ago)

I know racers get away with higher visuals than other game types, but this game just looks insanely good, like nothing else seen before.

Next gen racing is finally here boys. Start your engines!


PlayStation Store Features New Deal Promo Highlights Titles Under $20

A new PlayStation Store sale promo is going on right now. Check out a deal promo offering a look at games marked $20 and under.

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The DevGAMM conference is making its debut in Lisbon on November 16th, 2023

"The global gaming community is gearing up for an unforgettable experience this November as DevGAMM, the renowned international game development conference, descends upon the enchanting city of Lisbon.

Set against the picturesque backdrop of the Atlantic Ocean, this inaugural event will take place on November 16-17 at the luxurious Oitavos Luxury Hotel in Cascais, Portugal." - DevGAMM.