Microsoft Wanted Something New That's Why Alan Wake 2 Didn't Happen

According to the Quantum Break Creative Director, Sam Lake, he initially pitched in an idea for Alan Wake 2 and that he wanted to do the sequel, but Microsoft wasn't interested in doing a sequel and wanted something entirely fresh.

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ninsigma2158d ago

QB was ok but probably would have been better of with Alan Wake two considering that's what a lot of people have been asking for. Who owns that IP?? Now that they're going multiplat, can they make the sequal now or does MS own it??

deadfrag2158d ago

Remedy owns the QB and Alan Wake IPs!

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MegamanXXX2158d ago

Microsoft don't own Alan Wake

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Skull5212157d ago

I'm okay with it. Some things just need to stand on their own as a one and done great experience. Bioshock and Dead Space should have done the same.

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Aceman182158d ago

I was soooo disappointed in QB, and wished they had did AW2 instead since i loved the first one.

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babadivad2158d ago (Edited 2158d ago )

Maybe I'm the minority here, but I enjoyed QB a lot more than Alan Wake. Sure AW was good, but QB was amazing IMO. The gameplay was similarly enjoyable, but the story in that game had me gripped from beginning to end. I love stories where you don't get the entire story until the end.

Made me want to play it again to notice all the things I missed the first time. The story was so tight and enjoyable.

Alan Wake seemed like a Stephen King novel to me. Alan Wake seemed like the dude from "Bag of Bones" but especially "The Dark Half". I enjoyed those books tremendously, but Alan Wake seemed like a blend of those two books. The Main character from Bag of Bones in the world of The Dark Half.

I didn't enjoy this story as much because it seemed like the concept has been done before. QB's story seemed much fresher. So I enjoyed it more.

ninsigma2158d ago

I liked QB. Wasn't anything special but still enjoyable. Played Alan Wake once and just couldn't get into it. Didn't like how it played at all.

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conanlifts2158d ago

Quantum break was a good game, just not an amazing game. Alan Wake was certainly better. The thing is Quantum break has a lot of potential. If they ditched the tv series aspect and addressed some of the flaws a sequel could be amazing. Unfortunately i think ms will abandon any new ip that is not amazing on its first outing. We probably wont be seeing QB2 and it wouldn't surprise me if Alan Wake 2 came out on other platforms as well. This is the issue with ms not developing their big games in house.

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Aenea2158d ago

They should follow through with that idea and not give up after one try. Keep making new IPs, some will fail completely, some will be okay but can be improved upon in a sequel, some will be very successful, but keep going!

And of course also make sequels as well! Just do both basically! And if you hit the jackpot with a new IP make sequels for that as well! And for the love of console gaming, hire more developers! The teams you have are excellent, let them hire more so they can have more than 1 complete team!

It's crazy that a company that is mostly about software has troubles doing this. I think it has something to do that some higher ups and/or shareholders don't like to take too many risks, but am sure it's bound to be successful in the long run if they keep trying!

Death2158d ago

Game development is a business. Platform holders need to sell these games at a profit or they risk studio closures. This is why Sony closed Evolution Studios, Guerrilla Cambridge and parted ways with Ready at Dawn as a second party studio. It is also why we seen Microsoft shut down Lionhead, Press Play and cancelled Scalebound.

Making games just to say you have them is bad business. Platform holders need to make games that actually sell which is the hard part.

OMGitzThatGuy2158d ago

Alot of gamers have that bad when they want companies to revive super niche titles for nostalgia purposes when it wont sell well and will lead to layoffs. I cant imagine a game like Battletoads or some of the less known about games getting a sequel.

Godmars2902158d ago

"Game development is a business."

And yet its often defended as an art.

And as bad as studios overextending their finances on a project that they close down if it fails utterly, doesn't make a specific level of profit, its worse when publishers force them to cut corner and push them towards deadlines under those same conditions. And the studios still catch a majority of the blame.

2pacalypsenow2158d ago


Games can be considered art on the outside, but on the inside it's still a business.

Which is why most artists are broke.

pietro12122158d ago

You do realize so many aspects of art is also a business right? Rather it's in a gallery/ museum setting, music, movies, comics and video games. Hell most galleries/ museums you're required to have a background in business for the position.

Imalwaysright2158d ago

@ Godmars290

Books, movies, music... are art forms but they're also industries.

rainslacker2158d ago

An artist friend of mine(painter not graphics art), said the difference between a successful artist and a starving artist is that a successful artist knows how to sell their work. The talent is usually irrelevant. In gaming, the talent is also important, but not always completely necessary, as formulistic releases can also do well.

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rainslacker2158d ago

Sometimes giving up after one game means a series can never reach it's full potential.

Without risk, there is no reward....unless you make games by the numbers, but when those numbers don't work out on release, you tend to lose more.

GamesMaster19822158d ago

Alan Wake 2 would of been excellent but i thought Quantim Break was complete trash and dont even get me started on them stupid tv shows every five mins. I wanted to play a game not watch a tv series .

Powah12158d ago

" i thought Quantim Break was complete trash "

No doubt.

sk8ofmnd2158d ago

Quantum Break was garbage. Yet, watch them release a QB2.

spartan112g2158d ago

Quantum Break was a fun ass game. Much more fun tha Alan Wake.

x_xavier_x2158d ago


"them stupid tv shows every five mins"

There were only 4 or 5 live action sequences in the entire game. These "TV show" episodes were an OPTIONAL component and could be skipped if the player so choose.

I found them to be completely engrossing. The excellent production values and onscreen talent provided one of the most immersive experiences I've had playing a video game.

mcstorm2158d ago

I'm with you. I enjoyed QB but I did think AW was the better of the 2 games. I feel people hate on qb and aw because they are on Microsoft platform but for me ide take a number 2 of both.

OC_MurphysLaw2158d ago

QB wasn't perfect...but it wasn't trash either. I think there is a good game to be found they just need to refine and change some things. Narrative wise, its solid and I liked the overall story but I think I would suggest a full animated experience this time. Don't get me wrong...I did like the TV episodes but I felt it was a bit jarring going from the animation to the FMV. I am just not a fan of mixing the two. Gameplay wise, I think QB's biggest flaw was a lack of a proper cover system. I know they wanted to push players to use the powers but frankly the game screamed 3rd person cover shooter so not just allowing for that always made combat feel like it was gimped and overly frustraiting when you tried to use cover. Let me go into a proper locked cover and I will still use my time powers if you give them to me. I would even say the time mechanics would have been even better if you the player felt more confident about being able to stay in cover to use them. And, they also probably need to work on their boss fight difficulty given how the last one turns out.

Anyway, I would welcome a QB 2.

BiggerBoss2158d ago

The production value?? The production value on those "episodes" were a joke! Indie films look better than that. Cable tv shows even have better production value. It looks like one of those fan made "tv shows" that is hosted on like YouTube or something

x_xavier_x2158d ago (Edited 2158d ago )


"Indie films look better than that. Cable tv shows even have better production value"

Your comparison is irrelevant since you are referring to a different medium. Indie films and cable TV shows can have budgets that can exceed $10,000,000 (per episode for shows like ER, Friends, Rome, Game of Thrones). The creators of such have the luxury of focusing all of their time and resources into making a singular product, instead of, you know, making a AAA video game too.

"It looks like one of those fan made "tv shows" that is hosted on like YouTube or something"

Please list the GAMES that you believe have better production values in their live action cut scenes than Quantum Break.

BiggerBoss2158d ago


Umm, Microsoft is one of the richest companies on earth. There's no excuse for the live-action cutscenes to not be film-level quality.

x_xavier_x2158d ago (Edited 2158d ago )

@ BiggerBoss

What does Microsoft's current market value have to do with this debate? MS did not develop or produce Quantum Break. They published it. Even if MS did create the game their vast amount of revenue would not guarantee a quality production. There are countless 100 million dollar films that are poorly produced, some of which are far worse than the live action sequences in QB.

You still didn't answer my request. Name a GAME that has better live action cut scenes (film-level as you put it) than QB.

rainslacker2158d ago (Edited 2158d ago )

Immersive in a video game usually doesn't mean taking one out of the game for 22 minutes at a time. The production quality was just above SyFy mini-series quality, and the acting was OK.

As far as being skippable, doesn't that kind of defeat the purpose of having a story driven game?

QB on the game side was decent enough, although a bit repetative the further it went on. It had it's faults, but generally no major complaints But I'd say it was average. nothing bad, but nothing spectacular. The story presentation of the game though made it a chore to get through.

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conanlifts2158d ago

There were 4 live action episodes that occurred at the end of the first 4 chapters. They certainly were not every 5 minutes. You were also able to skip them, no need to watch any of the episodes. QB was around 10 hours long (average play time according to HLTB), which means a live action episode roughly every 2 hours for the first 4 chapters.

HaikusfromBuddha2158d ago

Anyone who has played both games know they are pretty much the same thing. Alan Wake suffers in that the gameplay is boring same as QB. Only difference is QB has a good story.

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Neonridr2158d ago

I can't wait for Alan Wake 2 to eventually be done. I adored that game on my 360.

Razzer2158d ago

Hopefully, Remedy doesn't have to run their ideas by Microsoft anymore.