Sony's Job Listing for LittleBigPlanet PSP

Today, it was discovered that SCEE has begun recruitment for the position of "PSP Game Engine Lead." The job is desribed as "responsibility for the design and implementation of key game components," and "the development of exciting new LittleBigPlanet projects."


LittleBigPlanet's boss, Mark Healy, revealed to Eurogamer.TV his vision for a PSP version of the quirky platformer, LittleBigPlanet.

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TOO PAWNED3721d ago

Well duh, but dont expect literally LBP, it is going to be something in that spirit.

fishd3721d ago

It is official, PSP won the handheld console war!!!

Nintendo Rep3721d ago

DS already won it when they showed the touch screen.


So try to remember that to Japan, say that Monster Hunter don't matter, have faith on touchscreen.

PPGN3721d ago

Ermmm... did you misread the entire article?

They are interested in making a LBP PSP game. They are looking for lead engine designers for a PSP version. Maybe you should re-read the article. :)

RussDeBuss3721d ago

is it probably wont be little big plannet in the same way as the ps3, probably wont have the create side of it.
maybe just a platformer made in the lbp universe with sackboys

TOO PAWNED3721d ago

PPGN if you think LBP can run on PSP hardware, than you have some problem. Than either PS3 is week or PSP has cell in it, with 10 time more 5+ more RAM than we though. How can anyone disagree with my comment and without giving an explanation is beyond my mind.
Just crazy.
For heaven sake it wont be PS3 LBP version ported to PSP. Just read comment by RUSS. And yes you should reread article and use some common sense next time, cuz you kow cars dont fly no matter what you might have heard. Just letting you know it.

PPGN3721d ago

TOO PAWNED: I acually think its quite possible. Have you ever heard of Locoroco? all you have to do its turn down the graphics a little bit. I wouldn't mind if it was in a 2D side scroller would, but 3D environment like "Prinny: Is it okay if I'm the Main Character." (Gallery at the end of article)

TOO PAWNED3721d ago

PPGN, than if oyu believe so, there is no point in talking with you anymore, and you using Loco Rocco, graphical monster as an example is ultimate proof of your ignorance and not knowing anything.

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GiantEnemyLobster3721d ago

Do you want to make this crappy game for the PS3 or PSP? Theres one way to find out.

Which is a crappier system for this crappy game? the ps3 or PSP? I personally think the PS3 is more crappy which will mean LBP would fit in just fine with its library, but then again the PSP blows tremendously so its hard to say.

Paiton3721d ago

Go apply a job at the MacDonalds, punk.

In 2 months you, too, can afford the king of all consoles: PS3.

LeonSKennedy4Life3721d ago

Do you take yourself seriously?

Nintendo Rep3721d ago

I take him very seriously actually, honestly guys if you don't see the shockingly lackluster list of games out for PS3 and coming out for PS3, you are in deep deep denial.

"Which is a crappier system for this crappy game? the ps3 or PSP? I personally think the PS3 is more crappy which will mean LBP would fit in just fine with its library, but then again the PSP blows tremendously so its hard to say."


PPGN3721d ago

Crappy game? yeah right dude.

Ah... Nintendo Fanboys are so jealous of Sony and Microsoft and when they argue for thier system it makes me laugh.

Nintendo Rep3721d ago (Edited 3721d ago )

Oops, did I offend you? I am so sorry, my most heart-warmed condolences to you my friend.

When you argue for your system, you do it to justify your purchase and you have something to prove to yourself and others.

When I argue for my system, I do it for the shıts and giggles.

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3721d ago

...Better than any CR*P on any other Console!!! ;-P

Nintendo Rep3721d ago (Edited 3721d ago )

Opinion not fact.

Mario being the most popular and best selling platforming game and series is a fact.

Mario revolutionizing and polishing 2D platforming is a fact.

PopEmUp3721d ago

been milking Mario so is that a fact as well?

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ceedubya93721d ago

It would be great if you can transfer levels and whatnot between the PS3 and PSP version. Make some LBP levels and characters and then take your creation on the road. With the limitless possibilities, you could always have a fresh game to play when you turn on your PSP.

jay23721d ago

Yeah, I'm looking forwards to seeing how the psp/3 versions interact

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