BF: Bad Company Content Update Interview

Planet Battlefield writes: "PBF: Besides the levels will there be any type of bug fixes?

Gordon: Yes, this will come in combination with an update. So if you're on Xbox 360 it will be just like the last update where you will get the title update. You will be prompted to download the update when you start the game. Then there will be the downloadable content that you will get from marketplace, which will be free of charge. On the Playstation 3 it will be one single title update.

PBF: Do you know how big the update will be?

Gordon: For the Playstation 3 you are looking at around 250 MB because on consoles you update everything. So it's going to include the original conquest maps, which we have actually increased the ticket count for both the 360 and PS3, so the rounds will last a little bit longer. It will include some minor tweaks and changes to those levels as well, and will include those levels and the title update."

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john-833667d ago

will this update have trophies in this cos i'm sure i read a few weeks back that they were going to put them into this in an update

godcrusher3667d ago

To go ahead and buy this game. I rented it like 6 times. I really enjoy it but I just dont know how much time I will have to play it.Squeezing it in with LBP, Geasr 2, RFoM 2 and my wife, job and family might be 2 big of a challenge. Plus Im moving into my new house at the first of the month.