See How The PS3 Keypad Fits In Real Hands

Stephen Totilo from MTV Multiplayer writes: "At a meeting I had with Sony executives today in Manhattan, I saw a PS3 controller with the keypad attached. I asked to pick it up, to try it and to snap photos."

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accukrak3722d ago

Having said that, it would eliminate the need for my wireless keyboard. But we need more detailed info as to its functionality and ergonomics.

Monchichi0253722d ago

Seriously, what bright person designed this??? Don’t they know people text with there thumbs!!! To use this thing a person has to take there hands off the control altogether!!!

Blakzhuk3722d ago (Edited 3722d ago )

They just copied Microsoft's keypad add-on. Nothing to see here.

Daver3722d ago


loll are you serious saying that?

w/e how it is place on your controller you cant play and type at the same time..

TLSBill3722d ago

They didn't copy Microsoft, they directly ripped off MadCatz. They had the keyboard in the same place & released it in April of '07....

Nintendo Rep3722d ago (Edited 3722d ago )

Out of all places why on top of the controller? I know the slots are there but might as well not have the attachment, it's terrible. Even the 360's keypad is better for the sole fact its near the joysticks and buttons.

Rusted3722d ago (Edited 3722d ago )

what other places? the sides?

That thing need to be on the top or the bottom of the controller. Period.

Nintendo Rep3722d ago

Well if they only have 2 choices, Bottom or Top, THEY REALLY CHOSE THE WORST ONE.

IdleLeeSiuLung3722d ago (Edited 3722d ago )

You echo my sentiment exactly.

What moron would put it on top, especially considering the freaken Xbox version has been out for a while. Perhaps Sony should learn from Microsoft's ability to copy others ideas. Don't try to be different unless it is going to be better, just copy and improve. Gheeeeez.....

edit: The only logical answer I have, is because the PS3 controller is too darn small. Sticking something between the 'handles' don't allow for comfortable holding.

Alvadr3722d ago

Not the best design but it does the job. If I have to move my hands up the controller its no big deal, i mean its not like you can type and play at the same time anyway...

Will deffinatly pick one up

Delive3722d ago

Sure it could have been better, but what is perfect about any console or controller? The statements about needing to release the controller to type are silly because you have to set it down completely to type with an actual keyboard. Your options:
Give this a go and learn to master it.
Stick with your wireless/USB/BT keyboard.
Or enjoy your Xbox chatpad and be happy.
These are games folks. Play on.

juuken3722d ago

...I don't see anything wrong with it?

Agent VX3722d ago

WOW, Sony is directly ripping of MS yet again. It's amazing how much these two rip each other off. Sony has been the biggest rip off artist this gen though.


Why are people disagreeing with TLSBill? He is right. Not either Sony or MS was the first, Mad Catz have it in 2007. Sony specifically copyed even the design/positioning from Mad Catz. All of them sucks.

Even the 360 one, you can type in your normal handling indeed, but you have to took your thumbs away from sticks anyway so you still can't play while playing... So it, in the better case, suck less. Still suck.

If you have to stop anyway, a normal keyboard is cheaper.

Blades083721d ago

I'm not sure if you know this but I don't know of any game that you need to type in on the 360 outside of Phantasy Star and you have to stop moving or playing to do that. You use voice chat while playing.

Bnet3433721d ago

Yeah .... that looks bad ......

Megatron083721d ago

you be better off just pluging a keyboard into the ps3

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GameOn3722d ago

I'm not convinced. on the other hand it doesn't really matter to me any way.

PS360WII3722d ago

Looks better than I first thought. I would still like it on the bottom more but that's just a personal preference really

chrisnick3722d ago

guess its not for ppl with small hands.

Karum3722d ago

I have the mad catz one that fits on the same way and it's really not a discomfort or an annoyance but this one looks like it's a big improvement on the mad catz version which I bought like a year ago.

The position it sits in isn't hard to type with at all in my experience.

Raoh3722d ago

which one do you have?

i might stop by a local gamestop, they may let me play with a used one just to get a feel in store.

oh and this was a terrible article.. it just says hey look at my hands.. now look at his hands.. cool huh

nothing of value to make me want or not want this device.